Ginger otherwise known as Zingiber officinale is one of the most important plants in the world, the use of ginger in alternative medicine dates back to centuries before modern medicine. Ginger is a root crop with an underground stem known as rhizome. The Romans were the first to bring ginger to Europe from China where it is highly valued as a result of its huge medicinal, aromatic and culinary properties. Ginger can be used in various forms fresh, powdered, dried, as ginger oil or blended into juice.


Benefits #1 Remedy for Morning Sickness

Ginger is one of the few remedies for morning sickness in pregnant women. Morning sickness is characterized by continuous vomiting, nausea, weakness and loss of appetite. Ginger tea has been shown to be very helpful in relieving the symptoms associated with morning sickness in pregnant women.


Benefit # 2 Remedy for Abdominal cramps and Constipation

Ginger is very effective in relieving abdominal pains and discomfort as a result of its carminative effect on the stomach, its pepperminty soothing effect and other constituents help to alleviate symptoms related to indigestion, dyspepsia colic and excess gas.


Benefit #3 Remedy For motion sickness

Motion sickness can be very discomforting and embarrassing especially on long hauls. Ginger can help eliminate those unpleasant symptoms of nausea, dizziness, and vomiting when you are traveling by air, sea or road.


Benefit #4 Prevent NSAID Induced ulcer

Many around the globe are addicted to pain killers, unfortunately most of them are unaware or the deleterious impact of some of these drugs on the gastro intestinal tract. Ginger can prevent or reduce the harmful effects of this drugs. A recent study published in the journal of Ethnopharmacology which examined the anti-ulcer effects of ginger constituents reported that the acetone extract of ginger significantly inhibited gastric lesions by 97.5 ,while 6-Gingerol significantly inhibited gastric lesions by 54.5%. Which clearly shows that ginger is very useful in preventing and management of ulcers


Benefit # 5 Relieve from Arthritis and Fight cancer

Arthritis is a degenerative disease and the number one cause of disability globally. It is estimated that more than 78 million people would have been diagnosed with arthritis globally by 2040. Ginger is a very potent anti-inflammatory agent which helps in relieving the pain of arthritis. They contain gingerols which inhibits prostaglandin and leukotriene biosynthesis and prevent the formation of pro inflammatory cytokines. Ginger is also an important anti-cancer agent, the anti-cancer properties of ginger is well documented. The active ingredient contained in ginger such as gingerols, shogaol, and paradols can prevent various cancers. READ Health Benefits and Side Effects Of Ginger, Garlic, Turmeric And Cloves




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