Hammer Mills

  What is a Hammer Mill? A Hammer mill or Hammermill  is a mill which consist of a series of hammers hinged on a central shaft and enclosed within a rigid metal case whose purpose is to shred or crush aggregate material into smaller pieces by the repeated blows of little hammers. These machines have many […]

What Does Gonorrhea Look Like?

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease caused by a microorganism called Neisseria gonorrhoeae otherwise known as gonococcus. Individuals become infected when their genitals come in contact with penile or vaginal discharge during intercourse or other sexual activities.The disease is the second most commonly reported bacterial sexually transmitted infection (STI) in the United States after Chlamydia, […]

How To Spot An A 215 Pill Fake

Fake drugs are pharmaceutical substances that either contain the wrong or no active ingredient at all. In some case fake drugs  may be contaminated or even contain the right active ingredient but at the wrong dose or concentration. Fake drugs are illegal and may be harmful to your health. Available data indicates that each year, fake or substandard […]

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