Salary Outlook for MPH Degree Holders

Salary Outlook for MPH Degree Holders

One of the major consideration of many professionals seeking to pursue an MPH degree is the Salary outlook. If you are asking such smart questions then you are at the right place for such answers. By pursuing a public health degree you will be investing a lot of time, money and resources and it is wise to be sure that such investment will yield the desired results.

Most people want to know if an MPH degree is really worth it, others want to know what to expect in public health. The truth is that the salary outlook for holders of an MPH degree like in many other professions varies with specialization. Therefore, the salaries that you can expect in public health with an MPH degree varies with the discipline in public health you choose to pursue.


What is an MPH degree?

A Master’s degree in public health usually takes the form of the Master of Public Health (M.P.H.), Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH/MScPH), International Masters for Health Leadership (IMHL) and Master of Medical Science in Public Health (MMSPH).

These degrees are awarded to individuals upon completion of master’s program in a University or health institute. The   training period for an MPH Degree Ranges From a period of 1 year to 4 years depending on the background of the student and the type of study plan chosen (full time or part time). See Why You Need An NYU MPH Degree


Public Health Jobs

In most countries, health departments or agencies are charged with the responsibility of overseeing the health of the population. Usually, they are also responsible for implementing, programs, health policies and providing healthcare services including the recruitment of public health officers in the public sector. The specific responsibilities of a health department or agency may vary from region to region and from state to state but their primary responsibility remain unaltered. Taking up a public health job in the public sector, Non-governmental organization or international body can be a fulfilling endeavor as it offers you a very unique opportunity to serve the population and earn a decent income simultaneously. All organizations are not equal, their varying budgets means they also have different salary scales for their employees. Apart from salary outcomes, an MPH degree holder need to consider other important factors such as terms of employment, cost of living , cultural issues and working conditions before taking up a public health job. See World Public Health Directory


Important Factors and ideas to keep in Focus

  • Association of Schools of Public Health projects that over a quarter of a million more public health workers will be needed by the year 2020.
  • 38 percent of state public health workers plan to leave the public health workforce by 2020 according to new study published in the Journal of Public Health Management and Practice.
  • The diminishing number of public health workers means there are fewer public health workers globally (there were 50,000 fewer public health workers in 2000 than in 1980).
  • Public Health Workers are currently stretched because they are serving more people with less personnel and fewer resources.(There is a huge MPH Job opportunities in the sector)
  • Globally, there is a growing shortage of public health physicians, public health nurses, biostatisticians, epidemiologists, public health educators, and behavioral health experts.

The inability of the current schools of public health to meet the growing demands of an increasing population leaves the world without enough public health workers to play the critical role of health protection and promotion. The current shortfall in global public health manpower led to a drive to replenish the diminishing workforce in order to avert a health crisis. To achieve this, the current schools of public health around the world will have to train three times the current number of students over the next 11 years to realize this objective.

Globally, the field of Public health is booming. Completing an MPH degree will provide you with many opportunities and rewarding challenges. As an evolving, dynamic and diverse discipline public health largely exists to serve others. As a professional in the field of public health, you will serve many communities: local, regional, national, and international controlling infectious diseases, boosting access to good health care, and reducing various hazards in the environment.You will have many exciting and highly rewarding experiences  helping humanity while earning a decent income for yourself.

Online Opportunities to Study for an MPH Degree

As part of the effort to meet the global need for skilled public health professionals, most schools of public health have introduced top distant and online MPH programs designed with working professionals in mind .Most of these programs are delivered fully online. One of thetop-rankedd online MPH Programs in Public health is the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health Online MPH


Benefits of an Online Master of Public Health Degree

Cost: Moving from one state to another or relocating to another country with an entirely different culture and way of life has never been an easy experience. An online MPH eliminates this burden, especially the cost of relocation

Flexibility: An online MPH is designed with working professionals in view. The dynamic nature of the program is completely at variance with the traditional MPH programs offered on the campuses of public health schools. This feature provides students with the opportunity to study and work simultaneously by taking advantage of the flexible schedule the program offers.

Convenience: Prospective students from anywhere in the world who meet the admission criteria can be admitted into an online MPH program and from the comfort of their homes, laboratory, or offices. They can have access to study materials including webinars and other instructional materials 24hrs a day. This takes out the stress of commuting to a physical classroom, of missed lectures, the struggle for parking space or haste to beat traffic in order to meet up with lectures. See TOP Behavioral Science Degree Online


You do not have to quit your job to get quality education

With online MPH program, being on a public health school campus is no longer a requirement for obtaining the unique benefits of a world class education and training in public health.

How to get the Best Salaries in Public health and MPH Job opportunities

Salary outcomes in public health are tied to specialization. If you want to advance in public health, you will ultimately need to have a master’s degree in public health or any of its specialties. Having an MPH will give you an edge and the greatest access to the best opportunities and salaries in public health. Taking advantage of the online programs in public health will ensure you keep your job, build your experience and earn a career-boosting degree.

Salary Outlook for MPH degree Holders

Virtually all the specializations or disciplines in public health have many MPH job opportunities that suit all sorts of different abilities and interests. Whether you are interested in carrying out research, handling finance or working with disadvantaged members of the society, you will find great opportunities for job growth in public health.  In addition, as government agencies shift focus from curative  to preventive care through health promotion in order to cut the growing health care cost the opportunities for job growth in public health is expected blossom significantly.


The annual MPH average salary range  in the different disciplines that make up public health are presented below:

  1. Environmental health: $44,500-$143,600
  2. Public health practice: $41,200-$102,000
  3. Epidemiology: $38,100-$136,235
  4. Clinical research worker: $38,000-$51,500
  5. Health education: $33,000-$86,400
  6. International health: $32,000-$84,000
  7. Nutrition: $32,000-$71,000

Salary outlook in Public health Administration

  1. Executive director: $60,200-$137,000
  2. Health services administration: $37,500-$162,000

The Highest Paid MPH Careers


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for biostatisticians in the United States is $72,800 annually. The top 10% earn more than $119,000 per year. For biostatisticians the best places to work based on salary outlook are:

  1. Federal government: $94,000
  2. Scientific research services: $83,000
  3. Colleges and universities: $66,000
  4. State government: $45,000

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics the overall job demand in the field of biostatistics will increase by 14% by the year 2020.

Biostatistician salaries in Popular Companies

Harnham : $136,210 per year

Experis : $135,993 per year

Clinical Solutions Group : $120,407 per year


The screenshot below shows that the national average salary for biostatisticians in the United States is $85,866 per year

Salary Outlook for MPH Degree Holders


According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for epidemiologists in the United States is $63,000 annually. Job demand is expected to increase in the field of epidemiology with a 24% increase anticipated by the year 2020. For epidemiologists the best places to work based on the best salary outlook are:

  1. Pharmaceutical Industry : $92,000
  2. Hospitals & Clinics: $72,900
  3. Scientific Research Centers and Institutes : $67,000
  4. Colleges and Universities: $61,000
  5. Government: $57,300


The screenshot below shows that the national average salary for epidemiologists in the United States is $76,881 per year. See Where Epidemiologist Work and How Much They Earn

Environmental Health Scientists

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for environmental health scientists in the United States is $61,700 annually. The top 10% earn more than $100,000 per year. For environmental health scientists there is a projected increase in jobs by 19% before the year 2020.

Popular Jobs in Environmental health

U.S. Department of Commerce : $113,113 per year

Federal Government Jobs : $103,115 per year

Department of Energy : $99,823 per year

Department of Homeland Security : $94,314 per year

The screenshot below shows that the national average salary for environmental health scientists in the United States  is $58,719 per year.

Salary Outlook for MPH Degree Holders

Health Educator

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary for health educators in the United States is $45,800 annually. The different workplaces they work and the salary outlook is as follows:

  1. Hospitals: $58,000
  2. Government: $48,900
  3. Ambulatory health: $41,200
  4. Religious organizations: $40,400
  5. Social assistance: $34,800

Popular Jobs for Health Educators

Health Coach : $50,450 per year

Health Coach : $42,677 per year

Health Educator : $42,292 per year

The screenshot below shows that the national average salary for health educators is

$42,292 per year

Salary Outlook for MPH Degree Holders

Behavioral Health Scientist

Mental disorders, especially depression currently account for the highest burden of disability globally. Mental illnesses are much more common than cancer, diabetes or heart disease .Available data shows that over twenty six percent of all Americans aged eighteen and above meet the criteria for having a mental illness. Serious mental disorders affects an average of 1 in 17 people.  On the global scene, available scientific evidence from the WHO also suggests that about half of the world’s population are affected by mental illnesses. The current global cost of mental illness according to the WHO is nearly $2.5 trillion with a projected increase to over $6 trillion by the year 2030. With the exploding mental health challenge worldwide, it is expected that the field of public health will witness an unprecedented growth with huge potential benefits for the public health workforce especially MPH degree holders. The average salary for “behavioral health” in the United States ranges from approximately $46,853 per year for Research Associate to $82,341 per year for Scientist.   See The 5 Prerequisites for Sound Mental Health

Salary Outlook for MPH Degree Holders


Average MPH Salary

MPH salary Outlook in the United States 

In general, the mph average salary ranges from approximately $42,292 per anum for health educators to $103,099 per annum for a senior project managers.

MPH salary Outlook in the United Kingdom and Canada

A public health with specialist registration with the General Medical Council (GMC) or the UK Public Health Register can expect to earn an average salary of between £76,761 to £103,490. A consultant specialist in public health with a master’s degree in public health or any of its disciplines can earn between £30,000 to £40,000.  In Canada,the  annual average MPH degree salary is $52,276.

MPH Salary Outlook in Nigeria

The average salary of an MPH degree holder in Nigeria ranges from =N= 210,000 to =N=650,000, depending on the organization, experience and level of education. Best Health Departments to work for

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