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Epidemiologist Salary Around The World

Epidemiologists are specialists who study how diseases spread, and their expertise is very crucial in disease detection, understanding disease patterns and planning for significant outbreaks or epidemics.

This unique core competence in public health requires at least a master’s degree in epidemiology or a related field. According to the Association of Schools of Public Health (ASPH), over 500,000 more public health workers including epidemiologist will be needed globally by the year 2020.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a 24 percent increased in the demand for epidemiologists between 2010 and 2020, faster than the average for other occupations.  Public health workers in most countries are currently stretched with less personnel and fewer resources.


Epidemiologist Job Description

 Epidemiologists are responsible for investigating, Identifying and describing the determinants and distribution of disease and illness in a population. They also play a crucial role in disease prevention and control.

  Epidemiologist Job Duties

1. Epidemiologist oversees health care programs and projects including statistical analysis, health care planning,  public health improvement, and monitoring systems.


2. Epidemiologist is involved in the identification of the causes and risk factors of diseases and parasites.


3. Epidemiologist analyzes the modes of transmission, progress, and life-cycles of diseases and parasites.


4. They plan and conduct studies to investigate human or animal disease, as well as preventative methods and treatments.


5. They confer with physicians, health care policy analysts and other professionals on issues relating to diseases and public health


6. They assist in the design and development of study protocols and health status questionnaires, sample selection and analysis

Epidemiologist Salary

An epidemiologist is among the highest paid in public health and there is currently a global shortage of epidemiologists. The salary outcome for epidemiologist around the globe is as follows.



Epidemiologist salary United states 
The average epidemiologist salary in the United States is $76981 per year based on available data collated from employees in the field of epidemiology in the United States. Source:  indeed.com
epidemiologist salary in the US

In the United States, the highest paid epidemiologist according to USA news work in the metropolitan areas of:

Raleigh, North Carolina: 108,700 USD

Silver Spring, Maryland: 106, 390 USD

Durham, North Carolina: 98, 550 USD

District of Columbia: 94,950 USD

Oakland, California: 94,380 USD

Epidemiologist salary in  Canada
The average epidemiologist salary in Canada is : $77, 3468 per year based on information supplied by  epidemiologist in  Canada. The minimum Epidemiologist education requirements in Canada is a master’s degree in epidemiology, or a master’s degree in public health with an emphasis or specialization in epidemiology. See The Best Schools For MPH in Canada
 Epidemiologist salary in Canada
Epidemiologist salary in Australia 
The Average Epidemiologist salary in Australia according to available data from epidemiologist in the country is : $91012 per year.
 Epidemiologist salary in Australia
Epidemiologist salary in The United Kingdom 
In the United Kingdom, the average Epidemiologist salary is : £43989 per year. This is based on data obtained from epidemiologist working in the UK.
Epidemiologist salary in China 
According to paysa, the average Base Salary for Epidemiologist Consultant in China, is $107K per year. The epidemiologist salary range in China is from $92.6K to $122K
 Epidemiologist salary in China
Epidemiologist salary in  India
In India, one of the largest field for epidemiologist the average Epidemiologist salary is : ₹ 41023 per month. This figure is based on actual data collected from epidemiologist working in India .
 Epidemiologist salary in India
Epidemiologist salary South Africa 
According to salary expert, The average epidemiologist salary in South Africa is R537, 923
This figure is the highest in Africa and translates to an equivalent hourly rate of R258.
 Epidemiologist salary in South Africa
Epidemiologist salary in Germany 
In Germany, the national average Epidemiologist salary is $69,098. This figure is based on data collected from epidemiologist working in organizations within the German federation.
 Epidemiologist salary in Germany
Epidemiologist salary in the Philippines
The average epidemiologist salary in Philippines is =P=449,227
 Epidemiologist salary in philipines

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