List of 150 Top Places to Work in The U.S. Healthcare Sector

According to Becker’s Healthcare, here are the “150 Top Places to Work in The U.S. Healthcare Sector. The list highlights hospitals, health systems, and healthcare companies that promote diversity within the workforce, employee engagement, and professional growth. The organizations featured on this list offer benefits and opportunities for employees to build successful careers above and […]

How Students Can Improve Essay Writing Skills

Studying in college, learners need to develop many soft skills that reveal not only personal qualities but help to succeed professionally. Consequently, following special tasks on writing, students get a better understanding of message delivery and defending personal viewpoints. Still, they often meet challenges during the essay writing process and want to find reliable assistance. […]

The Best Programs for Biochemistry Majors

In a Biochemistry program, you will study disciplines on the intersection of biology and chemistry, exploring life at the molecular level. Basically, you will be given an opportunity to build an interdisciplinary knowledge, which enables getting a job in biotech, research, medicine, and many more fields. Since Biochemistry majors obtain a solid education in both […]

How Many Years To Study Nursing In Nigeria

Available data indicates that Nigeria is ranked 7th among 57 countries classified as facing a critical shortage of health workers, the country has a shortage of 144,000 health workers.  Presently, the country only has 240,000 nurses and midwives but needs about 800,000 nurses and midwives to meet up with its teeming population of over 200 […]

How Many Years Is Public Health In FUTO?

Federal University of Technology (FUTO), is the Oldest University of Technology in Nigeria. It was established in 1980 by Executive fiat with the composition and appointment of the first provisional Council by Nigeria’s First Executive President, Shehu Shagari. It became the first of three such Universities set up by the Federal Government of Nigeria which […]

List of Federal, State and Private Teaching Hospitals in Nigeria

A teaching hospital is a hospital that’s affiliated with a medical school and teaches medical students, resident physicians and perhaps other learners. There is often a research program associated with a Teaching Hospital. As a patient at a teaching hospital, you will have the opportunity to have a variety of different levels of physicians caring […]

Nurse Anesthetist Programs In Nigeria

Nurse anesthetists are advanced practice registered nurses (APRNs) responsible for administering anesthesia to patients. This practice specialty is unique among nursing careers, as the advanced training required for the job puts nurse anesthetists on a level similar to physicians. Nurse anesthetists work independently, often serving as the sole anesthetist within a practice or facility. In […]

Where Can a Biochemist Work in Nigeria?

Biochemistry is the study of living things at the molecular level, focusing mainly on the processes that occur. For example, they may study cell development, how cell structure relates to function, how cells communicate with each other to fight disease or regulate an organism’s development, and how they metabolize food and oxygen. Many biochemists study […]

School Of Health Technology Minna: Courses and Admission Requirements

School Of Health Technology Minna is located in the eastern bye-pass F-layout. Minna is a city in Middle Belt Nigeria. It is the capital of Niger State, one of Nigeria’s 36 federal states. It consists of 2 major ethnic groups: the Nupe and the Gwari. School Of Health Technology Minna Courses Certificate In Community Health […]

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