Universities & Schools Offering Public Health in Nigeria

Public health is relatively a new core discipline in Nigeria and few schools offer undergraduate training in public health. Before now, basic training in public health especially community and environmental health had been domiciled in medical postgraduate colleges, community health, and nursing schools. Read How To Enroll For An Affordable And Highly Rated Online Masters […]

Top 5 Public Health Nursing Schools

Johns Hopkins University John Hopkins University is rated as the best school in the world for public health nurse education. It offers the most prestigious degree in public health nursing. An NLN-designated Center of Excellence in Nursing Education, the school has a National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) Pass Rate of 89%. John Hopkins University offers […]

How to Build a Career as a Public health Nurse

  What is Public Health Nursing? Unlike their colleagues who work in clinical settings such as hospitals, clinics, and maternity centers a public health nurse is deeply involved with the community or wider population rather than an individual. They deploy their understanding of health and clinical issues to help communities and families improve overall health […]

Best Public Health Schools in the United States of America

Best Public Health Schools in the United States of America Over the last two decades, the study of public health has blossomed in America, the increased awareness of global health concerns and challenges such as the AIDS epidemic, malnutrition, avian influenza, global warming, and bio-terrorism has brought public health consciousness to the epicenter of public […]

The Best Programs for Biochemistry Majors

In a Biochemistry    program, you will study disciplines at the intersection of biology and chemistry, exploring life at the molecular level. Basically, you will be given an opportunity to build interdisciplinary knowledge, which enables getting a job in biotech, research, medicine, and many more fields. Since Biochemistry majors obtain a solid education in both […]

Is Public Health a Good Career?

Public health is the art and science of preventing disease, prolonging life, and promoting physical and mental health, sanitation, personal hygiene, control of infectious diseases, and organization of health services. From the normal human interactions involved in dealing with the many problems of social life, there has emerged a recognition of the importance of community […]

Public Health Questions and Answers (Epidemiology)

Define Epidemiology. A. Epidemiology is defined as the distribution and determinants of disease frequency or health events in man. Modern day epidemiology is different from the earlier period when it was just referred to as the study of epidemics. It now includes comprehensive methods for the control of diseases, including non-communicable diseases. Distribution refers to […]

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