A Master of Public Health (MPH) degree is a graduate-level program that emphasizes the practical aspects of public health. This type of program is designed to prepare students for their role in promoting community awareness about injury, violence prevention, communicable diseases, and other issues that affect health and safety. Since research is not usually a primary focus in most MPH programs, students desiring careers as professors or researchers of public health should pursue a Master of Science in Public Health (MSPH) degree. An online master of public health (MPH) provides a convenient and affordable pathway to an array of public health careers in administrative, research, and teaching fields.

Since MPH programs are applied degree programs, students are required to engage in work-related activities. This may take the form of an internship or practical experience where the student assumes job functions in the public health field, while under supervision. Additionally, some programs may require students to participate in a small, semester-long project such as a research paper or grant proposal that shows their competence in the field.

Some programs require students to choose a specific track or emphasis area for completion of the program. Although the degree itself is not a true specialized degree, the three to five courses required for the emphasis area can provide students with more specific knowledge about an area of interest. MPH online programs aim to prepare degree-seekers with the specialized competencies they need to thrive across advanced roles in the field after graduation.


Duration of Online MPH programs

Most MPH programs are designed to be completed in one to two years, and may or may not have a thesis requirement. Some schools offer the option for an advanced, one-year program. However, these programs are typically geared toward students who are concurrently pursuing another graduate degree in a related field. An increasing number of schools are offering their programs completely online or in a hybrid on-campus and online method. Read; Complete Guide for a Masters in Public Health in Nigeria


Employment Post Online MPH programs In Nigeria

Graduation from an MPH program affords students a variety of opportunities for employment. Most graduates find employment opportunities in health care settings, non-profit organizations (NGO’s) or government agencies. These settings are especially applicable for graduates that have an emphasis on health care policy, administration, epidemiology or communicable diseases. Although the nature of the degree program provides fewer opportunities for research and academic positions, some graduates acquire research positions if they have an emphasis and strong skills in statistics and biostatistics. SEE: Public Health Officers And NGO’s Salaries In Nigeria

Online MPH Programs in Nigeria and Their Cost

The University of Manchester Online MPH

The University of Manchester requires a minimum of an Upper Second honors degree or the overseas equivalent. Significant relevant research or professional experience may be considered in place of an academic qualification lower than an Upper Second.

If you fail to meet the required entry criteria will be considered on an individual basis, but may be required to enroll initially on another route, such as a PGCert or PGDip. You may be allowed to progress to the full MPH course if you pass the course at the required MPH level.

To be admitted Nigerian students must also demonstrate English proficiency through a secure and approved testing system. We ask for English language proof from applicants from non-majority English-speaking countries (a list of majority English-speaking countries, as defined by the UK Home Office.

Program Cost: =N= 9,269,737.10 (£19,000)


James Lind Institute Online MPH

The MPH offered by James Lind Institute, Switzerland has been conceptualized and designed by experts who have ensured that they teach their students applied public health fundamentals which differentiate their program from the more academic MPH programs. Their MPH program puts emphasis on practical aspects of solving public health challenges focusing on skill-building of our students so you can apply those skills immediately. However, If you have your eyes on academics later in life this program is not for you.

Program Cost : =N= 1, 500,000 (3600-4000 swiss Francs)


The University of Essex Online Master Of Public Health(MPH)

Kaplan Open Learning delivers online degree programmes for the University of Essex. They have been working in partnership with the University since 2007 to offer high-quality undergraduate and postgraduate degrees.

This degree will help you develop a critical understanding of the key concepts in global public health. You will explore a range of health-related trends and their impact on the international scale, including areas such as the spread of disease and how you can apply this in your current workplace. The Master of Public Health (MPH) programme is made up of the following modules and, upon completion, is equal to a total of 180 credits at Level 7.

Applicants normally have an undergraduate degree from an approved institution or an equivalent to a UK Honours degree. If you do not have an undergraduate degree, you will need at l least 3 years of experience in a relevant health field, supported by appropriate references. In addition, your English ability should be equivalent to an IELTS score of 6.5. If you do not hold an IELTS or equivalent.

Program Cost: =N= 5,311,202.37 (£10,906)


University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield Online MPH

This programme is designed for students who wish to develop their careers in the field of public health practice, management, or research, as well as practitioners and managers already in the field, who wish to enhance their career development.

This Full-time, 1 year MPH course is tailored implicitly towards the needs of diverse health professionals including doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and allied health, social care, and environmental health professionals, as well as the wider public health workforce in the non-governmental sector. The normal entry requirements for the programme are:

A good Bachelor’s degree (minimum 2.2 or equivalent) in a relevant discipline or relevant experience in the area of public health may be considered in place of a degree.

GCSE (or equivalent) in English with minimum grade C or IELTS score of 7.0 (minimum of 6.5 in any band).

Program Cost: =N= 4,353,055.76 (£8,925)


Brunel University London Online MPH

You can enhance your career prospects in the public health sector with this online master’s from Brunel University London. This master’s programme provides healthcare professionals with the multidisciplinary skills to successfully manage a healthcare team, and successfully navigate the challenges of the global health environment. Build an in-depth understanding of health policies, sociological implications, and global health concerns, and gain the skills required to address contemporary health issues affecting local governments, health education, the voluntary sector, and more.  A 2:2 (or above) UK Honours degree or equivalent internationally-recognized qualification in a subject such as health promotion, public health, allied health, health-related studies, social sciences, biosciences, sport science, and environmental health is required.


Program Cost: =N= 4,643,188.78 (£9,525.)


Texila American University Online MPH

Regarded as one of the fastest growing Universities, Texila American University has the highest enrollment for any mph program in the world with students from over 80 countries. Recognizing that the most desirable students are often the most professionally committed, the MPH program is designed for the working adult. Classes are offered in online and distance mode. The design of the program at Texila American University reflects the growing research on adult learning styles. The program puts that research into practice. In particular, the curriculum is designed by faculty members who are mindful that adult learners:

  • Need to know why they need to know something before they are willing to invest time and energy into learning it
  • Are task-oriented and therefore will learn best in context
  • are experienced and need to be allowed to participate and show their strengths
  • Have a deep need to be self-directing and assume responsibility for their own learning
  • Desire mastery of new subjects and learning opportunities

The Program offers a $ 1000 discount in tuition fees for Nigerian students as well as other local support provided by the local and international guides.


Program Cost: =N= 1,649,000 ($4250)

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