Public Health Careers Salaries In Nigeria

Public Health Careers Salaries In Nigeria

Nigeria has more reported cases of malaria and deaths due to malaria than any other country in the world and currently account for around 29% of global malaria burden. This is in addition to the huge burden of several other diseases such as HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, diarrheal diseases and other conditions such as VVF, teenage pregnancy, drug abuse and other public health challenges.

The huge numbers of individuals affected by these diseases and conditions make Nigeria one of the hot beds for public health activities among developing nations of the world due the number of non-governmental organizations and development partners currently engaged in various projects across the country. In this article we have documented the salary outlook for public health officials in the major Public health organizations in Nigeria.

Salaries Outlook Public Health Worker and NGOs in Nigeria


FHI 360

FHI 360 is a nonprofit human development organization with operation in Nigeria and more than 60 countries of the world including all U.S. states and territories. Their staff includes experts in health, education, nutrition, environment, youth, economic development, civil society, gender, research, technology and communication.


Entry level Gross Salary for FHI =N= 350,000 -360,000


The Norwegian Refugee Council

The Norwegian Refugee Council is an independent humanitarian organization with operations in Nigeria and across 31 countries in the world. It helps people forced to flee their homes, saves lives and rebuild futures.   

 Entry level Gross Salary Norwegian Refugee Council =N=250,000



Danish Refugee Council

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) is a humanitarian, non-governmental, non-profit organization with operations in Nigeria and over 30 countries. it was founded in 1956.


Entry level Gross Salary Danish Refugee Council =N= 250,000


International Medical Corps

International Medical Corps (IMC) is a global, humanitarian, non-profit organization that operates in Nigeria it focuses on saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training


Entry level Gross Salary International Medical Corps =N=196,000


Medicine du Monde

Medecins Du Monde is a humanitarian non-profit organization that provides long-term emergency medical care to vulnerable populations.


Entry level Gross Salary Medicine du Monde =N= 210,000


Catholic Relief Services (CRS)

Catholic Relief Services (CRS) is an International non-governmental organization working in over 99 countries around the world supporting relief and development work.


Entry level Gross Salary Catholic Relief Services -350,000


Action against Hunger

Action Against Hunger is an international humanitarian organization focused on malnourished children


Entry level Gross Salary Action against Hunger =N= 210,000


Medicine sans Frontiers

Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) focuses emergency aid delivery to people affected by armed conflict.


Entry level Gross Salary Medicine sans Frontiers =N= 250,000


Save the Children

Save the Children is the leading independent organization with operation in over 120 countries, including the United States it focuses on children in needs.


Entry level Gross Salary Save the Children =N= 266,000


International Rescue Committee

The International Rescue Committee (IRC) responds to the world’s worst humanitarian crises. Careers at the IRC are wide-ranging and they work in more than 40 countries


 Entry level Gross Salary International Rescue Committee =N= 350,000


Plan International

Plan International is a development and humanitarian organization that equality for the girl child and advancement of children’s rights


Entry level Gross Salary Plan International =N= 270,000


Christian Aid

Christian Aid Is a United Kingdom based charity that operates in over 60 countries helping people, regardless of religion or race.

Entry level Gross Salary Christian Aid=N= 285,000



ACTED is focused on immediate humanitarian relief for those in urgent need.


Entry level Gross Salary ACTED =N= 250,000


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