Complete Overview of H-86, Review, Uses, Effects and Outcomes

What is H-86 Compound? 

H-86 is Cancer supplement promoted by the Health Sciences Institute (HSI) an organization which claims to be  dedicated to uncovering and researching the most urgent advances in modern underground medicine. The drug is not approved by the Food and Drugs Administration (FDA), but linked to the research work of Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Györgyi on  Avemar, a supplement containing fermented germ wheat that has been shown to be helpful in the management of cancer. See The 10+ Facts About Prostate Cancer Every Man Should Know


Complete Overview of H-86, Review, Uses, Effects and Outcomes

What is Fermented Wheat Germ Extract?

Fermented wheat germ can be described as the “embryo” of a wheat kernel. What makes it unique is the fact that  just a small amount is packed  with large amounts of vitamins, minerals and proteins and other essential nutrients that boost immunity and promote good health some of which  include: B vitamins (folate, niacin, thiamin, vitamin B6 and others), Vitamin D,  Omega-3’s, Calcium, Fiber, Iron , Magnesium, and Manganese. The fermentation process facilitated by Baker’s Yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae) leads to the production of a benzoquinones known as  DMBQ a very beneficial compound to cancer patients. Read: Benefits of Kigelia Africana Extract


 Why is Fermented Wheat Germ So Important Cancer Treatment?

Apart from its anti-cancer effects, DMBQ helps to promote cellular metabolism and boost immune function. A study published in the Hungarian medical journal Orvosi Hetilap,  reported that out of 170 individuals with colorectal cancer, only 3% suffered cancer re-occurrence when given 9 grams of Avemar a day while seventeen percent of those who were given standard cancer treatment (chemotherapy or surgery or both) suffered cancer re-occurrence. In addition, The 170 patients who took Avemar during their course of treatment also showed a 62% reduction in overall morbidity and a 67% reduction in metastasis.  See Complete Cancer Guide 

Complete Overview of H-86, Review, Uses, Effects and Outcomes

How Does Fermented Wheat Germ Help Cancer Patients 

Fermented Wheat Germ Extract boost cellular metabolism and slows down the rate of deterioration of the immune system that usually comes with ageing. A study published in the journal Cancer Biotherapy and Biopharmaceuticals found that fermented wheat germ extract in combination with the ER+ Breast Cancer chemotherapy drug Tamoxifen “significantly increased apoptosis.” Furthermore, the supplement appears to be very effective against cancer cells targeting cancerous cells that are hidden from the view of our body’s own Natural Killer cells. We found no scientific literature on the comparison of the effectiveness between h 86 vs tamoxifen.

Complete Overview of H-86, Review, Uses, Effects and Outcomes

What Ingredients are in H 86

Available information shows the health sciences institute h-86 is made or patterned after Avemar. As established earlier Avemar is a wheat germ extract which helps the immune system identify cancer cells, cuts off the energy supply to cancer cells, speeds cancer cell death, and reduces the risk of cancer recurrence.  the Major difference between h-86 and Avemar is the what that while the latter is positioned as an adjunct in the management of cancer and other condition the former is promoted as a cancer cure. Although HSI provides very little information on H-86 it maintains that the supplement is a potent cancer cure that:


  • Kills cancer cells quickly


  • Can Vaporize cancer in six weeks


  • Has the toxicity of a slice of white bread, so there are no side effects.

Read: Why Fatty Fish Oil is Very Important for Your Health 

 Complete Overview of H-86, Review, Uses, Effects and Outcomes

Fermented Wheat Germ And Cancer Cells 

A study which evaluated the effectiveness of fermented wheat germ extract as an adjunct therapy in treatment of cancer conducted by researchers from the Briggs Institute, Faculty of Health Sciences, of The University of Adelaide,  reported that based on available literature,  there may be a role for  fermented wheat germ extract in decreasing in the progression of cancer, potentiating conventional treatments such as chemotherapy and radiotherapy, improving quality of life for sufferers and potentially ameliorating or lessening side effects of conventional treatment. While the early evidence appear  promising, the broader reliability of fermented wheat germ extract as an adjunctive therapy in cancer treatment, and its clinical effectiveness have not been fully established to date. Read: Syntra 5 And Diabetes 

Complete Overview of H-86, Review, Uses, Effects and Outcomes

Are you Contemplating the Use of H-86 for Cancer?

Changing your prescription medicines without sound medical advice can be fatal, some nutritional supplements are known to interact with cancer medications sometimes with catastrophic consequences. Some of the claims made by HSI about h 86 cancer treatment or h 86 as a cancer cure have not been evaluated scientifically. Do not take any supplement without first discussing its use and likely implications with your physician. Read  A Complete Overview of DBX-13, Uses, Review


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