Can I Use Cypri Gold for Weight Gain?

There are many reasons why adults are underweight. Most adults are skinny genetically and they have higher metabolism rates compared to others. Busy lifestyles with stress, depression, smoking, poor appetite, convalescence, or strenuous physical activities are part of the reasons why most adults stay skinny. Amongst ladies especially, the image might be another possible cause […]

All About No-Needle Fat Loss Peptides

What Are Peptides? Peptides are strings of amino acids, which are the “building blocks” of proteins. But a peptide doesn’t have as many amino acids as a protein does. Lab-made peptides can mimic some of those found in your body. Some of them are used in medications for conditions ranging from diabetes to multiple sclerosis. […]

Best Weight Gain Pills For Females In Nigeria

Nigeria and South Africa have the highest number of women seeking to add weight in Africa. In today’s world, thinness is often praised. But being underweight, when your weight is lower than what is considered healthy for your height, can be a sign of a serious health problem. Many different things can cause a women […]

What To Eat When On Duromine 30mg

Duromine pill contains phentermine an amphetamine-like prescription medication used to suppress appetite, it is used to reduce body weight in obese or overweight patients. Duromine works by directly affecting the area of the brain that controls your appetite making you feel less hungry. Duromine should be used as a part of an overall weight management […]

Does Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic Really Work?

What is Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic? The Okinawa Flat Belly Tonic is a nutritional supplement powder that claims to encourage weight loss using an ancient Japanese drink recipe that melts body fat and causes accelerated metabolism benefits. It’s a known fact that the Okinawa region didn’t have a single obese person in the entirety of […]

Acxion: Uses, How it Works, Dosage, Side Effects

What Is Acxion? Acxion is a brand of phentermine, it is a prescription weight loss medication produced by Mexican Ifa Celtics. Phentermine was approved by the FDA in 1959 for short-term use of up to 12 weeks for people older than 16. Acxion is a controlled substance due to its chemical similarities to the stimulant […]

CJC 1295 Ipamorelin: Dosage, Benefits, Before and After Results

What is Ipamorelin? Ipamorelin is a pentapeptide and a ghrelin mimetic with growth hormone (GH) releasing activity. Ipamorelin mimics ghrelin and binds to the ghrelin receptor (or GH secretagogue receptor, GHSR) in the brain, thereby selectively stimulating the release of GH from the pituitary gland. This results in increased plasma GH levels, which would affect […]

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