Can Slapping Breast Cause Cancer?

What is breast slapping? Breast slapping is a breast enlargement method approved by Thailand’s government health board in 2003 as a natural alternative to breast enlargement surgery. Daily, women are bombarded with images of big-busted women via advertising and the media, making many feel inadequate and leading them to regard bust size as a “life-or-death” […]

Does Viagra Make You Bigger?

    Viagra is a powerful drug that increases blood flow to the penis so you can get and maintain an erection. It’s effective, but it can also cause some side effects. Viagra contains the drug sildenafil. It belongs to a class of drugs called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5) inhibitors. (A class of drugs is […]

How Can I Make My Uterus Healthy?

  Infections and abnormalities of the uterus can contribute to the inability to get pregnant.  Uterine fibroids can distort the endometrial cavity making it difficult for implantation and can be treatable.  Another cause within the uterus is scarring or adhesions from previous surgery or infection of the endometrium.  Asherman syndrome is a term used to […]

Can Stameta Destroy Pregnancy?

What is Stameta? Stametta or Stameta is an Aloe vera based liquid herbal mixture sold off the counters in shops and pharmacies in South Africa. It is designed to assist in promoting or supporting the functions of the stomach and intestines and for short-term use in cases of occasional constipation. Stametta is also believed to […]

Pills To Gain Weight Fast In South Africa

Studies have shown that in South Africa, higher rates of underweight have been observed in males than females as well as for black and ‘colored people’ than white. The body mass index, a ratio of a person’s weight to their height, has traditionally been used to assess the health of a person as it pertains […]

Anorexia Tips and Tricks You Should Know

Anorexia nervosa, commonly known as anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by an abnormally low body weight, an intense fear of gaining weight and a distorted perception of weight. People with anorexia place a high value on controlling their weight and shape, using extreme efforts that tend to significantly interfere with their lives. To prevent […]

Do Pregnancy Tests Expire

A pregnancy test is used to determine whether a woman is pregnant. The two primary methods are: 1 testing for human pregnancy hormone in blood or urine and 2 ultrasonography. Testing blood for human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG)  results in the earliest detection of pregnancy. A pregnancy test works by measuring the amount of HCG hormone. […]

Xylazine: Uses, Abuse, Overdose, Addiction

What is Xylazine? Xylazine is an analog of clonidine, an agonist at the α₂ class of adrenergic receptors. It is used for sedation, anesthesia, muscle relaxation, and analgesia in animals such as horses, cattle, and other non-human mammals. Veterinarians also use xylazine as an emetic, especially in cats. Xylazine was discovered as an antihypertensive agent […]

Perks of Having Prescription Discount Cards

Prescription discount cards have always been similar to mall coupons and can be used for special promotions and discounts. These discount cards offer special deals and lower prices for prescription medication for those who have them. They were also designed to get customers a better deal on their prescribed medication when they pay with cash. […]

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