Does CBD Get You High?

  Euphoria refers to an affective state characterized by feelings of intense pleasure, happiness, contentment, and excitement. Several common recreational drugs exhibit addictive properties due to the reward response they induce in the brain. Some of these drugs directly induce the dopamine response (i.e., reward response), while others engage the opioid receptors (responsible for the […]

National Immunization Schedule of India

Universal Immunisation Programme (UIP) is a vaccination program launched by the Government of India in 1985. It became a part of Child Survival and Safe Motherhood Programme in 1992 and is currently one of the key areas under National Rural Health Mission since 2005. Immunization is a global health and development success story, saving millions […]

Immunization Schedule Philippines

The Philippines Expanded Program on Immunization (EPI) was established in 1976 to ensure that infants/children and mothers have access to routinely recommended infant/childhood vaccines. Six vaccine-preventable diseases were initially included in the EPI: tuberculosis, poliomyelitis, diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis and measles. In 1986, 21.3% “fully immunized” children less than fourteen months of age based on the […]

Immunization Schedule In Ghana

Immunization is the process of giving a vaccine to a person to protect them against disease. Immunity (protection) by immunization is similar to the immunity a person would get from disease, but instead of getting the disease you get a vaccine. This is what makes vaccines such powerful medicine. Immunization is a global health and […]

Can You Snort Subutex?

Subutex is a brand of buprenorphine used to treat dependence/addiction to opioids. Buprenorphine belongs to a class of drugs called mixed opioid agonist-antagonists. It helps prevent withdrawal symptoms caused by stopping other opioids. It is used as part of a complete treatment program for drug abuse (such as compliance monitoring, counseling, behavioral contract, lifestyle changes). […]

Subutex vs Suboxone: Similarities and Differences

Nearly all addicted individuals believe at the outset that they can stop using drugs on their own, and most try to stop without treatment. Although some people are successful, many attempts result in failure to achieve long term abstinence. Research has shown that long-term drug abuse results in changes in the brain that persist long […]

How Long Does Subutex Stay In Your System

Subutex is a brand of Subutex sublingual tablet, an uncoated oval white flat bevelled edged tablet, debossed with an alphanumeric word identifying the product and strength on one side.  Subutex, is a partial agonist at the mu-opioid receptor, and is available in two dosage strengths, 2 mg Subutex and 8 mg Subutex (as the free […]

List of In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Centres In Nigeria

Louise Joy Brown, born 25th July, 1978, is the world first baby conceived by In-vitro Fertilization (IVF), a procedure developed by Patrick Steptoe and Robert Edward. In Nigeria, Oladapo Ashiru pioneered the IVF program in 1984 and his team successfully delivered the first IVF baby in 1986 In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a type of […]

How Often Should I Deworm My Child

What is Deworming? Deworming is the process of expelling intestinal worms or parasitic worms from the body by administering an anthelmintic medicine/drug. In more simple terms, it is a medicated process to kill worms. According to the World Health Organization, Soil-transmitted helminth infections are among the most common infections in humans, caused by a group […]

States With The Highest HIV Rate In Nigeria 2020/2021

According to Avert, Nigeria has the second largest HIV epidemic in the world. Although HIV prevalence among adults is much less (1.3%) than other sub-Saharan African countries such as South Africa (19%) and Zambia (11.5%), the size of Nigeria’s population means 1.8 million people were living with HIV in 2019. Recent drops in prevalence estimates […]