Can Postinor 2 Fail to Prevent Pregnancy?

One-dose emergency contraception pills like postinor 2 prevent pregnancy about 50-100% of the time Postinor-2 has an 85% chance of preventing pregnancy. If taken within 24 hours, there is a 95% chance of preventing pregnancy. If taken after 48-72 hours, there is a 58% chance. It is not known whether it is effective if taken more […]

Levon 2 Contraceptive Pill: 8 Things You should Know

Levon 2 contraceptive pill is a progestin-only emergency birth control pill intended for use within 72 hours of unprotected sexual intercourse. It should only be used by women whose regular birth control methods have failed or who may have had intercourse without birth control. It is not a substitute for correct use of regular birth […]

How To Spot Fake Postinor 2 Pill

According to the World Health Organization, sham drugs are the world’s most lucrative counterfeit goods, with a global market worth roughly $200bn, and Africa accounts for around 42% of the world’s cases. Fake  medicines include falsified, unlicensed, falsely packaged, stolen, and substandard medical products.  Falsified medicines might contain ingredients, including active ingredients, which are of […]

The 10 Side Effects of Postinor 2

Contraception aims to prevent pregnancy. A woman can get pregnant if a man’s sperm reaches one of her eggs (ova). Contraception tries to stop this happening by: keeping the egg and sperm apart. Postinor 2 is one of the many emergency contraceptive pills used for this purpose. Postinor-2 is not intended as a regular method of contraception. It […]

How To Properly Wash Your Vagina

Millions of  women are believed to suffer itchy vaginal fungal infection also known as candidiasis. Fungal infections have long been associated with vaginitis, which is regarded as one of the most common causes of genital symptoms in women. According to medical experts, the fungus most often isolated in the vagina is candida albicans and it […]

Does Sitting on Hot Water Tighten The Vagina?

For much of human history, the vagina has been to some extent a taboo subject  if not entirely unspeakable, then certainly not something to discuss openly. In fact, there wasn’t even a medical term for the female sexual passage until around the 1680s. Before then, the Latin word “vagina” referred to a scabbard or sheath […]

How Long Does “Postinor 2” Last In Your Body?

 “Postinor 2” is a brand name birth control formulation manufactured in tablets, each of which contains 0.75 mg of the active steroid levonorgestrel. Levonorgestrel is an entirely synthetic progestogen that was synthesized in the 1960s and was included in birth control products by the 1980s.  The levonorgestrel within Postinor 2 functions by inhibiting ovulation or […]