What Are Glandulars

Picture: Jason Leung

If you’ve heard the expression ‘like cures like’ before, you may be familiar with glandular products. For those who take them, they are simply referred to as glandulars. In homeopathy, the idea is that if an organ or bodily function is not performing at its best, you can consume that organ in supplement form and strengthen your own.

It might sound confusing, but it’s quite straightforward. You can learn more about what glandulars are and how they may benefit you below.

What Are Glandulars?

Glandulars are freeze-dried capsules or tablets consisting of glands, defatted organs, or tissues from porcine and bovine. Depending on where you purchase your preferred glandulars, such as NSP Nutrition, the meat is ground down, frozen, freeze-dried, then defatted and ground into powder form once the water content reaches approximately six percent.

Many people consume glandulars due to their homeopathic lifestyle and beliefs that they can regenerate their own organs and tissues by consuming an animal’s same tissues and organs.

What Glandular Products Can You Buy?

You may be surprised at just how many glandular products you can choose from, including adrenal extracts, thyroid products, pancreas products, and liver products.

Some people consume adrenal extract for conditions like fatigue and stress, while others may try liver products as a source of heme iron or for muscle development. If you have a particular issue you’d like to address, you can discuss it with a nutritionist who can advise on the most appropriate glandular product for your needs.

Benefits of Glandular Products

No medical professional or nutritionist is currently able to say that you will benefit from consuming glandular supplements in capsule and tablet form. However, even without enough research to prove efficacy without a doubt, that doesn’t mean you may not notice any differences depending on your preferred product.

We’ll look at some of the most common reasons for consuming glandular products, so you can make an informed decision.

Oral Adrenal Extract

Oral adrenal extract is commonly used by people experiencing low adrenal function. They might be suffering from stress, fatigue, asthma, eczema, and inflammatory conditions.

Sublingual Adrenal Extract

Some people experiencing exhaustion, autoimmune disorders, alcohol and drug withdrawal, and even depression, may try sublingual adrenal extract to address their symptoms or condition.

Intravenous Adrenal Extract

For ulcerative colitis, adrenal cortical insufficiency, and hyperkalemia, which is elevated potassium, you may see intravenous adrenal extract recommended by some glandular product users.

Liver Products

If you’ve been suffering from hepatic disorders, chronic fatigue, or you simply want to enhance your muscle development, do research on liver products as a form of adjunctive therapy. Some people also use liver products to address their allergies and as a source of heme iron.

Thymus Products

As you look for ways to address chronic fatigue, immune system modulation, and even aging, you may have stumbled across thymus glandular products. Some people consume them to see if they help with a wide range of immune-related conditions.

Many people are starting to see what glandular products may be able to do for them. It’s amazing to think how many different ways exist for people to address their health concerns.


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