10 experts discuss weight loss hacks

We all have that feeling, that motivation to shed more weight. And probably, you have tried practically everything and nothing seems to be working.

Then you are in luck. This is because with 2018 fast approaching, we asked 10 experts for the #weight loss hack they swear will help you lose weight faster and more importantly safely.

Below are their response in no particular order. I hope you find this weight loss tips as useful as I did.



Name: Dr Janet

Website: Drjanet

Twitter: @DrJanetBrill


There is no substitute for the age-old wisdom of eating less calories and burning more by exercising to promote a steady (and healthy) rate of weight loss: not greater than one to two pounds per week). A low calorie Mediterranean style of eating is best. Just remember that once you lose weight, the hardest part is preventing weight regain so EXERCISE a lot!




Name: Jill Weisenberger

Website: JillWeisenberger

Twitter: @nutritionjill


Build in treat foods. Give up the notion of cheat days, which is a very negative mindset. Instead, treat yourself regularly. I’d much rather you eat a small amount of chocolate – say a couple squares – daily than to gorge yourself once or twice a week and feel guilt or remorse. Yes, you can learn to enjoy a small amount. Give yourself permission to enjoy the living daylights out of it. Then remind yourself that a little bit of fun food in an otherwise healthful diet is just fine. And you get to enjoy some more tomorrow.




Name: Olga Rezo

Website:  HealthJuices


My favorite weight loss hack is nutritional ketosis. It means going low on carbs, moderate on proteins, and high on fats (the healthy ones). You have to eat fat to burn fat. When you do that, ketones from fatty acids become a dominant source of energy and your body starts to burn your internal fat stores very efficiently. However, if carbs are available in large quantities, your body will use them first, and you won’t be able to lose weight. When you are in ketosis, you have more energy, you don’t feel feel food cravings, and your body won’t store any excess energy around your waist. Moreover, your insulin levels are low, and you start to enjoy the numerous health benefits of ketosis




Name: Hannah Faulkner

Website: HalfmoonYogaAndart

Twitter: @HalfMoonYogaArt


Over the last six months, I’ve recently lost fifteen pounds by incorporating a variety of fasting and breathing techniques into my daily and weekly routines. Although I believe in enjoying the human experience and gourmet foods for taste and texture reasons on special occasions, the key to living with vitality in your ideal body is a lifestyle of fasting mixed with caloric restriction of raw vegan or liquidarian diet. Incorporating days of water, juice (fruits and vegetables), or dry fasting into your week, not only cleans out your digestive system, but allows your body to burn the energy that you are storing while boosting your immune system. I call this a part-time Breatharian when you know how to receive much of your energy from the air, sun, yoga exercises, and positive energy of the Universe. Learn more on my blog at https://www.halfmoonyogaandart.com/blog/juice-fasting





Name: Andrea Trank

Website: HeavenlaneCreations

Twitter: @heavenlanetrank


Dear Dr. Oche, As I learn more about Functional Nutrition, I realize the best way to maintain a healthy weight is to only eat the most nutrient-dense foods that nourish your body. When you focus on Food as Fuel, you stop putting in calorie rich, nutrient devoid food.  When your focus is on supporting your health, vibrancy and energy, you naturally lose weight and feel great.  With more energy, you then are able to exercise more and sleep better– all of which helps maintain weight loss and health. SEE: Ignore Redotex Before and After Pics Don’t Buy Redotex Online




Name: Dr Sarah Brewer

Website:  DrSarahBrewer

Twitter: @DrSarahB


Use a different coloured plate

As odd as it sounds, changing the colour of your crockery might make it easier to shed weight. In a study published in the Journal of Consumer Research, food psychologists found that, when the colour of your food matches the colour of your plate, it blends in so you tend to eat more without thinking. But when the colour of your food contrasts with your plate, the portion looks bigger so you’re happier to have less. Avoid eating rice in white bowls but pile lettuce onto a green plate perhaps?


Use a bigger fork

A study in the Journal of Consumer Research found that if you take bigger bites you end up eating less. Two sizes of fork were used to manipulate bite size in an Italian restaurant and, surprisingly, those using the larger fork ate less than those using the smaller fork. It seems that winding more spaghetti onto your fork makes a visible dent in the pile of food left on your plate. This is thought to provide a visual clue on the progress of your meal so your brain is fooled into thinking you must be full.





Name: Bailey DeBarmore

Website: BaileyDebarmore

Twitter: @BaileyDeBarmore


I’d say my favorite weight loss hack is to switch up your eating times. Often we find ourselves eating by the clock, regardless of hunger. Taking a step back and thinking “Am I really hungry right now?” gets us out of old habits and more in tune to our bodies.





Name: Laura Houssain

Website: LauraHoussain


I am not a weight-loss expert. I help women find peace with food and when they do they don’t yo-yo diet, binge or eat for emotional reasons.


The #1 mind shift to find peace with food is to accept that you are NOT battling with food but yourself and that the answer is not trying harder but differently.


My secret sauce is giving an exact how-to to achieve that.


In terms of weight-loss, I can tell you this. Dieting is pretty much guaranteed to make you fat two to five years from now, if not earlier. So this is not the way to maintain a healthy weight. What you want to do is create easy to build habits and choose to cook your own food as often as possible. Your #1 target should be finding balance, not perfection. This is what I call good-enough eating.




Kristina Todini

Website:  ForkinTheRoad

Twitter: @kristinatodini

My favorite weight loss “hack” for getting back on track is this: eat more vegetable, drink more water, move your body. Do a little of all three every day you will see and feel a difference.



Name: Lisa R Young

Website:  Portionteller

Twitter: @drlisayoung


My favorite weight loss hack is eating foods in thoughtful portions. What I love about portion control is that you can enjoy your favorite foods. I suggest eating larger portions of fruits and vegetables (1/2 your plate), with balanced portions of lean proteins of lean protein and healthy starch. And you can even enjoy a small treat!






What amazing insights. Thank you so much to everyone who contributed. I hope one or more of these tips resonate with you and help you in your weight loss journey. If so be sure to connect with them via their website or social accounts,

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  1. I have lost 17 pounds in 2 months. On an average 2 pounds per week. While exercise is important to burn calories.. what even more important is consuming right food.

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