redotex before and after

Redotex is a weight loss diet pill that may help you reduce up to 6 pounds of body fat on a weekly basis, according to its producer. It supposedly contains a number of components that promise to raise the body’s metabolic rate causing weight loss. The components in this product may also help manage nervous tolerance. This formula is commonly referred to as the Mexican Miracle Diet Drug. Apart from boosting the metabolic rate, Redotex may also help detoxify the body, suppress appetite, and play the role of a diuretic.


Redotex Ingredients

The active ingredients in Redotex include:

Norpseudoephedrine – Known as cathine, is the alkaloid extracted from khat leaves. This ingredient has been in use since the ’70s for the short-term management of obesity. In an article published in the journal Obesity Facts, cathine was termed an effective weight lowering agent, thus may be effective in obesity treatment.

Aloin – This is also referred to as the extracts of aloe vera or barbaloin. The outer leaf pulp of the aloe vera plant, latex, contains anthraquinones which according to the National Institute of Environmental Health Science gives this ingredient its laxative qualities.

Tri-Iodothyronine – In a Metabolism: clinical and experimental article in the journal Metabolism Clinical and Experimental, tri-iodothyronine was discovered to promote overall well-being and weight loss in patients who are diagnosed with hypothalamic obesity.

Diazepam – Also known as valium. It is an effective ingredient in treatments of central nervous systems disorders such as epilepsy and anxiety. In an article appearing in the journal ACS Chemical Neuroscience, diazepam is indicated as a portent treatment in alcohol withdrawal, anxiety, convulsive disorders, and skeletal muscle spasm. It may also have a low risk of causing dependency.

Atropine Sulfate – This ingredient has a wide range of clinical applications. It may support the circulatory and respiratory systems. In an article published in the AHA Journal, atropine sulfate was shown as a postural hypotension causative agent.


How Does It Work?

Redotex is an amphetamine, which means it may work to stimulate the central nervous system (CNS) and suppresses appetite. This way it might regulate the amount of food that a person takes which with time may help the user manage their weight. With ingredients like cathine and tri-iodothyronine, this supplement might reduce the total body mass in people seeking to shed extra pounds.


redotex before and after

Why You Should Not Buy Redotex Online

When it comes to losing weight, diet and exercise seem to work the best. But going this route takes time. And many people want results right away, which is why some turn to weight-loss drugs. Unfortunately, many of these pills, like Redotex, come with a long list of side effects despite the many redotex before and after pictures online. Redotex’s may cause serious side effects like certain other weight loss pills and supplements, and that could result in high blood pressure, excessive diarrhea, depression,  obsession and possibly, death.

Redotex is banned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for sale and use in the U.S. It’s difficult to find any current information about Redotex. Several online journals and publications such as The Associated Press point to the late 1980s, somewhere around 1987, as a time when the FDA started cracking down on the drug coming into the US from Mexico. The U.S. Customs ordered its checkpoints along the Mexican border to block imports of Redotex.

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