top 22 health and fitness expert to follow in twitter

Looking for accurate, fast and up to date health tips, news, and information?

Then you want to have this list of the top 22 health and fitness expert to follow on Twitter.

Social media has changed a lot of the things we do. It has now influenced how and where we communicate.  It has such a huge impact that it has even impacted what we eat, what tips we wear and which health advice we take.

This is why it is essential to get the right information by following the right people. There is definitely numerous list of health experts that exist on the twitter blogshere but this list contains the top of the creme la health bloggers on twitter. If you want the right health tips, then you need to follow these twitter health experts.





    @FitBodyBuzz, we provide you with up-to-date information on and best tips on ways to keep fit while also being healthy. You can trust us to give you practical tips on nutrition, effective workouts and wellness in general. Follow @FitBodyBuzz for details.




    Do you want to cut out junk food and start eating healthy foods? Then you should follow Jamie Oliver on @jamieoliver for your useful healthy cooking tips, easy home-made recipes and be guaranteed of quality.


    1. BOB HARPER:


    Are you looking for a personal trainer or a comprehensive meal plan? Bon Harper is the right person for you. He has a high degree of knowledge of general fitness. For an improved body composition, physical performance, heart condition and health outcomes, follow @MyTrainerBob today.





    Do you look forward to determining or showcasing how fit you really? Then @CrossFitGames is an avenue for you to compete in workouts, weightlifting, gymnastic movements, etc. For up-to-date information on keeping fit, CrossFit is the right place.



    To inspire and motivate a lifestyle that is healthy follow @BeFitMotivation as wise words from McGregor motivates you to be as fit as you want to be. One of his motivational is “If you eat what you’ve always eaten, you will weigh what you’ve always weighed.”






    Are you fitness conscious and looking for the best way to develop a beautiful body? Follow @FitnessMagazine for materials with quality visual representations that has its’ focus on health, exercise and nutrition. By following @FitnessMagazine, you will get more information on how to burn fat faster, stay slim, sexy and strong.




    1. 101 COOKBOOKS:


    For simple healthy recipes ranging from Breakfast, Brunch recipes, new recipes, vegetarian recipes or quick recipes, check 101 Cookbooks for your up-to-date recipe journal for healthy recipes. Follow @101Cookbooks for more information.







  1. Check out @DailyBurn for videos on workouts, nutrition, supplements and even coaching to make you better fit. For your best daily workouts. Using a holistic approach, daily burn helps you achieve your fitness goals. Follow @DailyBurn today.
    1. CASSEY HO:


    Looking for information on how to get fit and a website where you can purchase your fitness apparel? Then Follow @blogilates for total body Pilates workouts, easy steps to get fit, 10 minutes Butt lift and Ways to get flat Abs.






    When you follow @Chrisfreytag, you learn how to transform both your health and your body using very easy steps through videos and inspiration on exercises and tips from fitness experts.




    1. GREATIST:


    @geatist is very good as it basically focuses on living healthy, fit and happy. Greatist can be trusted to provide you with information on what to eat and how to eat to remain fit.






    Follow us on @MensHealthMag for expert advice on weight loss, health, sex, action tips, nutrition and general body fitness. We are known for motivating and supporting you reach your fitness goals. We also give effective tips on relationship, work outs and muscle building while also helping to provide you with a complete guide to being fit, eating right, being healthy and all-round grooming.




    1. WORKOUTS:


    By following @BeFitWorkouts, you are guaranteed improved fitness, fat burn and most especially, best workout plans and routines.




    1. DAREBEE:


    Do you think working out is boring and you would want to have fun while working out? Follow @darebees for very reliable video exercises, quality fitness workouts to keep you as fit as you want to be, comprehensive individual workouts, 30-days challenge, etc.






    For easy-to-follow steps on how to lose weight quickly, get your dream body shape and or size, follow @fitbottomedgirl to acquire your weight goals. With a friendly approach on how to get fit while staying healthy and loving yourself, FitBottomedGirl, adds up helping you to build your self-esteem and some simple tools for losing weight, we create lasting impressions as we not only help you lose weight in a healthy way but also make you feel better by loving yourself no matter what.






    Follow this calisthenics expert for effective ways to build your physique through functional and core body exercises. By following Frank Medrano on @FrankMedranoFit, you will not only be inspired and motivated to be fit but also make some healthy changes on your lifestyle.




    1. BodybuildingCOM:


    Follow @Bodybuildingcom for information and practical ways to improve workouts, increase energy, build your muscles, lose fat, and general men’ health.






    Are you in need of a magazine on all about women’s health? Then follow @goodhealth for detailed information. Health magazine offers you best ideas on diet, stress, relationships, beauty tips and food recipes. For healthy tips, workout tips, weight loss ideas and so much more.







    For full information on your wholesome healthy recipes, easy-to make meals, workout tips for healthy living and inspiration, follow @fitnessista.


    1. JULIE:


    Follow Peanut Butter Fingers on @PBFingers for ways to live an active healthy eating life while also incorporating a variety of such workouts such as Boot camp and Circuit workouts in the fitness routine.




    MindBodyGreen is a brand with its crux on helping you move, live, and eat the right way such as healthy foods or easy-to-make recipes. It focuses on your mind, body and total body development. Follow @mindbodygreen today to get started.




    1. Public Health Blog:

    Health indeed is Wealth and @PublichealthN is aware of this and that is why it is a guaranteed source for detailed information regarding your health and general well-being. With, you can be rest assured of getting first-hand information on your medical symptoms while also providing you with the cure.See: Health Websites In Nigeria




This concludes our list of the top health and fitness expert to follow on twitter. If you think we missTwitterst,


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