English Speaking Nursing Schools In Cameroon

The healthcare services in Cameroon are provided by hospitals and clinics. The country has 178 health districts, with 162 district hospitals, of which only 154 of these hospitals are operational. In addition, Cameroon has 2,043 public medical facilities, mainly concentrated in the urban areas of the country. Nursing salaries in Cameroon are rising in the year 2019 based on recent submitted salaries and reports. Salaries in 2019 are 3% higher than those of 2018. The trend suggests a slow yet continuous increase in pay in 2020 and future years. These numbers differ slightly from industry to another. Here is a list of English speaking Nursing schools in Cameroon.

Nursing Schools In Cameroon

St. Francis School of Nursing and Midwifery Buea

In 1998, the St. Francis School of Nursing and Midwifery was opened to train highly qualified nurses capable of providing high quality nursing care in diverse clinical situations for the local, national and international society. At the end of the three and four – year program, the graduate nurse should be able to:

Practice skilled, personalized, dynamic and comprehensive holistic nursing care in any clinical setting.

Apply the nursing process in planning nursing care for clients in the hospital and community setting.

Utilize scientific principles in the problem solving process to nursing action in hospitals, communities and other settings where health care is provided.

Exercise sound clinical judgement when making decisions on behalf of the client assigned to his or her care.

Demonstrate leadership and management skills in the coordination of nursing care delivery and when assuming the team leader position.

Demonstrate professional ethics and moral judgement in patient care decisions and relationships with professional colleagues. Exhibit professional ethnics and inter-disciplinary accountability in patient care.

Demonstrate leadership and management competencies and co-ordinate delivery of high quality and holistic care.

Conduct basic nursing research for the improvement of nursing care in hospitals and community settings.

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

HND in Nursing 3 year

Top-up BSc in Nursing 1 year

Direct BSc in Nursing 4 years

State Registered Nursing 3 years

Nursing Assistant 1 year

Postgraduate Programs

MSc. in Nursing Education and Administration     2 years

MSc. in  Nursing Informatics            2 years

MSc. in  Mental Health Nursing       2 years

MSc. in Pediatric Nursing     2 years

MSc. in Geriatric Nursing     2 years

MSc. in Family Health Nursing         2 years

MSc. in Health Promotion and Community Health Education      2 years

Department of Midwifery

Academic Programs

Undergraduate Programs

HND in Midwifery 3 years

State Registered Midwifery 3 years


Catholic Private school Of Nursing Shisong

The School of Health prepares Nursing, Midwifery and Laboratory students for professional holistic health care practice, faithful service and ethical leadership as professionals who will advance high standards of the practice in society. Faculty create an educational experience that embraces the pursuit of wisdom and the values of caring, integrity, collegiality, and commitment as preparation for a dynamic health care environment. Shisong Catholic School of Health Science trains health personnel since 1952. Today it offers the following programs:

State Registered Nursing: 3 years

Laboratory Technicians: 3 years

Midwifery (new): 3 years

Nurse Assistance: 1 year

St. Jude University Institute

St. Jude University Institute commonly known as St. Jude’s Higher Institute of Nursing and Biomedical Studies was created 27th September 2007 with authorization no. 07/0144/MINESUP dated 27th September 2007. St. Jude Higher Institute of Nursing and Biomedical Studies graduated its first HND batch in 2012 and has graduated over 10 batches in it’s domains. St. Jude Higher Institute of Nursing and Biomedical Studies due to its advancement has branches all over the cameroon.
St. Jude University Institute Bamenda
St. Jude University Institute Buea
Millennium Polytechnic Higher Institute Yaounde/Douala

Florence Nightingale Higher Institute of Health and Biomedical Sciences Bamenda

This is an institution that was approved as far back as 2009 by the Ministry of Public Health and later approved by the Ministry of Higher Education. It is a Health institution that trains a variety of health personnel. They carry out the training of Nurses, Nursing Assistants, Laboratory Technicians, Sanitary Officials and many others that will be coming up. This institution is renowned because it has very experienced personnel and its location is good for learning. If you have the interest in a quality education in a health institution then I think you should be able to choose Florence Nightingale Higher Institute of Health and Biomedical Sciences Nkwen. It is located on the road to the Bamenda III Council.

University Institute of Health and Biomedical Sciences

St. Louis University Institute of Health and Biomedical Sciences, also referred to as St Louis Higher Institute of Health and Biomedical sciences in some documents or simply St LOUIS, is the reference for and technological transfer in Cameroon. You must have a diploma to be admitted in degree courses for one academic year. Admission requirements are HPD, HND or DSEP. If you have the SRN or any other diploma from the Ministry of Health, you will be admitted in the 3rd year of the HND program. You will get the HND and then qualify to be admitted for the one year degree program.

Full Gospel Training School for Health

Full Gospel Training School for Health Personnel is a Professional Higher Institution in Bamenda, Cameroon authorized for the training of holistic health personnel, trained to suit the world’s Standards.

Conditions For Practicing Nursing In Cameroon

No one may practice the profession Nursing in Cameroon, unless he is:

  • Of Cameroonian nationality
  • Holds a Diploma of Nursing State or any other qualification recognized by the state to practice
  • Enrolled to the board
  • Approved under the conditions determined by decree (Refer to article 2 of the law N°84-009 from decembre, 5 1984 regulating the exercise of the professions of nurse, Midwife and Health Medical Technician)

SEE: List Of Approved Medical and Pharmacy Schools in Cameroon

Registration Terms To Board

  • Complete and sign the prescribed form available at the office of the Regional section of the Board
  • A certified copy of the birth certificate by the Mayor or an administrative authority but never by the police station
  • A certified copy of the technical degree by an administrative authority, but not by the police station
  • A criminal record, Bulletin No. 3
  • 3 picutres 4×4
  • The receipt of payment of fees issued by the Regional Treasurer of the Board (the current amount is 10 000 FCFA)

Once constituted, the case must be filed at the office of the Regional section of the board against receipt.
NB: The study period of the registration file to the board is maximum one (1) month.

The authorization to exercise on a private basis

The authorization to exercise on a private basis, both to create its own structure as well as to work in the context of an existing one is granted by decree of the Minister of Public Health in view of a file containing the following documents:

  • A stamped application at the applicable rate, specifying the names, nationality, residence of the applicant, the location and the site requested.
  • A citizenship certificate not older than (3) months
  • A certified copy of the birth certificate not older than three (3) months
  • A certified copy of the required technical degree not older than three (3) months
  • A proof of presentation of the original from the technical degrees required
  • A criminal record dating back less than three (3) months
  • Where appropriate, work certificates certifying that the applicant meets at least five (5) years of professional experience
  • A certificate of registration to the board.
  • A proof of payment of all membership fees to the board, (Refer to article 2(1) from the decree N°94-530 pm from October, 25 1994 laying down detailed rules on how to apply the law N ° 94-009 of December 5, 1984 regulating the professions of nurse, midwife and health Medical Technician.



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