Breast are made of glandular tissues located on the upper ventral region of the torso of a woman’s body. It is one of the most sensitive part of the female’s body which serves as milk producing site.

Women of all ages are encouraged to perform breast examination from time to time and report any abnormality to their doctors for prompt attention.

Breast lumps and other abnormality may be benign or cancerous as such no unusual lump should be taken for granted. This is because breast cancer is the 5th highest killer of women globally.

Belgium, Denmark and France have the highest rate of breast cancer in the world while the rate of breast cancer in developing countries is steadily on the rise.

Self-examination of the breast involves taking time to understand your breast, for best breast health it is recommended that women examine their breast at least once a month as early detection of breast cancer significantly increases the chances of survival.

breast examination using mirrow



The first step is to physically gaze at your breast with the aid of a mirror without bending your shoulders but with your hands on your hips

Signs to look out for

Changes in breast skin, color ,unusual lumps, changes size, shape or any other abnormality

Any noticeable changes like inversion of the nipple, budgi rash or swelling is a red flag. SEE  Breast Cancer NGOs In Nigeria and their Contacts



Repeat the same procedure as in step one but this time with your hands raised and look out for the same changes mentioned in step one


While standing in front of the mirror, examine the breast for any noticeable signs of fluid coming out of either one or both nipples.


Lie down flat but ensure you are in a comfortable posture, then using your right hand and in circular motion firmly but smoothly examine the left breast from top to bottom and from side to side ensure the whole surface area of the breast is covered. Repeat the same procedure using your left hand to examine your right breast.

This procedure should be carried out deep enough and your fingers should be able to feel your rib cage.



The final step involves examining the breast for the same abnormalities listed above using the same procedure as described in step 4 while sitting down or taking advantage of the slippery nature of the skin after shower or bath to examine the breast for any sign or feeling that is not appropriate. READ: Does Pressing Breast Cause Sagging?


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