Heroin Addiction

No matter what the addiction is, we can be scared for ourselves or our loved ones. The withdrawal symptoms are painful, and the recovery journey can be long. But, there is always this hope and the light at the end of the tunnel.

However, even the thought is terrifying when it comes to heroin addiction. It is a kind of addiction that doesn’t restrict people from painfully injecting themselves. For someone suffering from heroin addiction, it might seem like the end of the world.

But, we have news for you! With the right treatment, it can be fully recovered. It is a little more time-consuming, but any recovery is possible with the right determination and professional support system.


How, you ask? Well, a good detoxification center with non-judgemental care and support can help the patients start their journey to a better life.

What Is Heroin?

Heroin, also informally known as H, is a white or brown gooey substance. It is a form of opioid drug which is extracted from morphine. It is an intravenous chemical that can have adverse effects on the brain after the slight euphoria is over.


We explained the contents and the visual description of the drug to help you recognize them if your close ones are a victim of this addiction.

Symptoms Of A Heroin Addiction

Let’s say you never found such material, but you still suspect someone having a heroin addiction. What are the subtle signs? And, what are the tell-tale signs? It is important to know all of them.
These are some of the symptoms that a person suffering from heroin addiction will show.

1. Flushed Skin With Constant Itching

This is one of the major side effects of heroin usage. The skin will start becoming very dry and flaky from constant consumption. As a result, they will become flushed and start itching.
You can also find bruised patches on the skin due to constant itching.

2. Extreme Mood Swings

If a person has extreme mood swings to the point that you think of them having bipolar disorder. They are euphoric and hyperactive with joy, but then suddenly they feel nauseous, and aggressive behavior follows.


This might not just be a reason for heroin usage, but it is definitely something with the addition of others.

3. Constricted Pupils

Pupils get smaller whenever you look at them; in short, their eyes do not look normal no matter the time of the day.


This is another physical side effect of extreme heroin consumption.

4. Respiratory Infections

When someone is inhaling or smoking heroin, there can be drastic effects on their respiratory system.


If you find someone constantly coughing to the extreme point, and yet they are scared of taking any professional help or even going for a doctor’s appointment.

5. Slurred Speech

Slurred speech is a given sign of heavy drug usage. Do you find someone constantly zoning out of a conversation, or are they slurring their speech a lot?


This might be time to talk to them.

6. Failing In Jobs Or School

Are they failing to complete any work? Are there too many complaints from their schools or offices? This is something you should be concerned about.
Especially if they are getting complaints about their extreme aggressive behavior in social settings.

7. Hostility Towards Others

The hostility towards others is also a common effect of any drug usage. When someone is under the influence of such chemical drugs, they tend to forget the accepted behavior in social settings.


It could be a sign if someone never had any anger issues and suddenly was hostile to others.

8. Track Or Syringe Marks On Body

Needless to say, this is a clear sign of heroin addiction. If someone is injecting heroin and you have a suspicion, check their thighs or other places with more muscle mass.


Too many tracks to syringe marks, and you should immediately take action.

9. Extreme Body Weight Loss

A healthy person doesn’t lose too many pounds in the course of a few weeks. If you doubt your friend’s weight loss due to heavy drug usage, talk to them rather than speculating.

10. Sudden Euphoria

Sometimes they are extremely sad, but then in a matter of mere minutes, they have this phenomenal energy.


This is not a natural euphoria, and it can only be caused by such extreme drug usage.

Treatment Of Heroin Addiction

The treatment depends on the level of addiction. However, when it comes to heroin, there is no level. Therefore, you cannot deem such a drug addiction to be mild since everything is extreme, and the recovery process should start immediately.


A non-patient private rehab facility can give the patient every treatment they require. Starting from


  • Medical Detox
  • Withdrawal Care
  • Extensive Therapy
  • Peer-to-peer Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Post Recovery Treatment

Withdrawal Symptoms

Yes, heroin detoxification has some of the most painful withdrawal symptoms. Starting from constant nausea to aversion to food; to something even more extreme like seizures.


Here are some of the common symptoms of heroin detox.


  • Intensive craving to the drug, to the point that the patient gets aggressive.
  • Extreme muscular pain
  • Seizures.
  • Fever & Diarrhea.
  • Constant Nausea.
  • Insomnia.
  • Anxiety and a feeling of impending doom.

However, if you get the right professional help from a detoxification center, the patients can feel some ease.

Final Note

If you search for this article, then you are certainly speculating about someone falling prey to this addiction. While you shouldn’t ignore any symptoms, you should not run with the first sign that you can see.
Some of the other things you can look for are hidden stashes or drugs, syringe pieces, or even burnt spoons.


However, remember that people suffering from this addiction are already vulnerable. So, approach the situation with utmost caution and help them get professional help. Give them the hope of recovery.

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