The Process of Getting Rid of Addiction

Addiction is an evolving problem in today’s society, as more and more people are looking for an escape from their everyday problems. However, despite it acting as a temporary release valve, addiction to any substance will quickly start to present itself in its true light – a dangerous problem. It doesn’t matter if it’s nicotine, alcohol, drugs, pills – addiction can only end badly and it’s important to seek help and try to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

Understanding the Problem

It’s a common saying that the road to recovery starts by admitting that you have a problem. This is essentially true, as you have to come to terms with the problem in order to solve it. However, it’s also important to understand the problem of addiction and know what it’s going to take to solve it.

The reason quitting an unhealthy addiction is so difficult is because the substance itself alters the way your brain works. When you’re addicted, your brain’s reward system triggers a craving for the substance. If you use it for long enough, it almost becomes part of your nature.

Your brain changing and embedding the addictive substance into your being makes it very difficult to suddenly stop, but it’s important to remember that if you did this – you can also undo it. At the end of the day, the addiction itself is something that you create – it’s not natural.

Once you decide to quit, you have to know that the process of getting clean is going to entail a lot of different obstacles – and that includes withdrawal symptoms. Withdrawal symptoms are essential ways of your body and your mind showing you that they have a craving for the substance. They make it more difficult, and they stop once you take the substance again – it’s essentially your own mind fighting you on your road to overcoming the addiction.

We differentiate physical and psychological symptoms. Physical symptoms include feeling unwell, as many people going through a detox process develop nausea, stomach upsets (often followed by throwing up), changes in appetite (losing or gaining weight quickly, which can often be a coping mechanism), and muscle aches. However, going through a detox is crucial, and it’s “the first step towards addiction recovery” according to Villa Kali Ma, a San Diego addiction treatment center. These symptoms don’t occur too often, and they don’t last for too long. They are, however, extremely unpleasant for the person who has to suffer through them.

Psychological symptoms can be, according to some, far worse. Craving for the substance is the most obvious withdrawal symptom, but a seemingly incurable depression can also occur, followed by anxiety and mood changes. The person can suffer sleeping difficulties and they might have a lot of trouble keeping focus!

The Process of Getting Rid of Addiction

Overcoming Addiction

If you’re suffering from an addiction, it’d be smart to talk to your primary physician at the start of the process. There are many medical therapies you can indulge with that have proven to actually help addicts! Medication exists that is often recommended by doctors to help patients dealing with an alcohol or drug addiction.

A major problem many addicts find is removing themselves from an unhealthy environment. You’ll find it very difficult to quit smoking if you spend day after day with smokers. That’s why it’s crucial to keep yourself in a safe environment. For this purpose, there are many facilities to help you with that, some are even gender-specific if you’d prefer it that way. Rehab recovery services are often the place where addicts find peace of mind and can finally get rid of addiction.

These centers are so effective and good at what they do because of the constant support they provide. It’s much easier to deal with addiction if you have a group of friends and family who are going to support you through thick and thin. These centers are essentially massive support groups filled with people who know what they’re doing.

Many experts and people who have been through addictions themselves recommend finding a distraction from the addiction. For example, sports seem to be a crowd favorite; staying busy with a consistent training regime instead of indulging in the substance can be, quite literally, a lifesaver.

However, the most crucial element of this whole ordeal has to be you deciding to change. It’s completely pointless trying to get rid of an addiction if you haven’t personally decided that it’s high time to change. Make sure to follow through with all the steps experts recommend and have faith in yourself – you are the only one who can see this through.

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