Health agencies in Nigeria

The responsibility for managing health issues including health promotion in Nigeria is domiciled with the Federal Ministry of Health which discharges this mandate through several departments and agencies saddled with specific duties and responsibilities.


This list includes all agencies directly under the supervision of the ministry and others outside its purview that carries out duties related to health management, promotion, protection and research.

 List of Health Agencies in Nigeria and their Functions, Addresses, and Contact Information

  1. Federal Ministry of Health 


Office Address: Ahamadu Bello Way, Phase Three, New Federal Secretariat Complex, Central Business District Abuja Nigeria.

Health agencies in Nigeria

  1. National Primary Health Care Development Agency – NPHCDA 


Office Address:  Number 681/682, Port Harcourt Crescent, Area 11, Garki, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.


Responsibility: Primary Health Care Management

Health agencies in Nigeria

  1. National Agency for the Control of AIDS – NACA


Office Address: Number 823 Ralph Shodeinde Street, Central Business District, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.


Telephone lines: 09 461-3724, 09-461 3703-9, 09 461-3700.



Responsibility: Coordinates the fight against the spread of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria.

  1. National Agency for Food Drug Administration and Control – NAFDAC


Address: No: 2032 Obasanjo Way, Wuse Zone, 7, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.


Lagos office: 3/5 Oshodi Expressway, Lagos Nigeria.


Telephone lines: 01-4731018, 01-4524259, 01-4524270,




Responsibility: Drug and food registration and regulation

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Health agencies in Nigeria

  1. National Health Insurance Scheme – NHIS


Office Address: Plot 297, Shehu Yar’adua Way, Utako District, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.




Email address for issues related enrolment:


Telephone lines: 0805-928-2008, 0806-574-4100, 0808-328-0131, 0803-979-6126, 0805-901-5854




Responsibility: Clearing house for all health insurance related issues in Nigeria including licensing and regulation. SEE: Adoption Agencies In Abuja Nigeria


Health agencies in Nigeria

  1. National Institute for Pharmaceutical Research and Development – NIPRD


Office Address: Idu Industrial Layout area P.M.B 21, Garki Post Office Abuja,   Federal Capital Territory.


Telephone lines + 234 (9)7803329




Responsibility: Pharmaceutical research and development of new pharmaceutical molecules.

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Health agencies in Nigeria

  1. Nigerian Institute of Medical Research – NIMR



Office Address: Number 6, Edmund crescent off Murtala Mohammed wayP.M.B. 2013 Yaba

Lagos, South West, Nigeria

Telephone line:  0909 213 3886




NIMR Human Virology Laboratory

For Inquiries Call: 0803 300 7252 or

Email: or


NIMR Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory

For Inquiries call: 0803 381 0466

Email: or


NIMR Institutional Review Board


Office Address: Room 207, Second Floor, Research Block

Telephone lines: 0909 016 6992, 08023513399




Responsibility: Medical research

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Health agencies in Nigeria

  1. National Biotechnology Development Agency – NABDA


Office Address: Umar Musa Yar’Adua Way, Airport Road, Lugbe, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria


Telephone Lines: 0803 404 9111,

0803 314 2898, 0708 102 2890




Responsibility: Promotes local competence in the development and application of biotechnology.

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National Blood Transfusion Service -NBTSNational Blood Transfusion Service -NBTS

  1. National Blood Transfusion Service -NBTS


Office Address: Number 39, Abidjan Street, Wuse Zone 3, Abuja Federal Capital Territory, Nigeria.

Telephone lines: 0803 589 6132, 09 524 1790, 09- 780 6418, 09 524 1790




Responsibility: National Blood Transfusion Service is the agency charged with the responsibility of promoting blood safety and voluntary non-remunerated blood donation in Nigeria.

National Blood Transfusion Service -NBTS


  1. National Malaria Control Programme


Office Address: First Floor, Abia Plaza, Fist Avenue, Cadastral Zone A/0, Central Business District, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory Nigeria


Telephone Line: 09 671 2135



Responsibility: The National Malaria Control Programme is the agency saddled with the responsibility of controlling and eradicating malaria in Nigeria.

National Blood Transfusion Service -NBTS

  1. Nigeria Field Epidemiology and Laboratory Training Program -FELTP


Office Address: Number 50, Haile Selassie road Asokoro, Abuja Federal Capital Territory.


Telephone Lines: 09 291 3685, 0807 860 2331, 0703 411 9819, 0803 655 1264




Responsibility: Capacity building and training in applied epidemiology and public health.


National Blood Transfusion Service -NBTS

  1. Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria –IHVN


Responsibility: Human Virology Research

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Special Mention


Nigeria Centre for Disease Control


Nigeria Centre for Disease Control – NCDC

The Nigerian Centre for Disease Control (NCDC) was established in 2011 in response to the growing challenge of public health issues in Nigeria and to enhance the country’s preparedness and response to epidemics through detection, prevention and control of non-communicable and communicable diseases. Its core mandate is to prevent, detect, investigate and control diseases of public, national and international public health importance.


NCDC Technical Directorates.

  • Public Health Laboratory Services
  • Prevention and Programs Coordination
  • Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Surveillance and Epidemiology
  • Finance and Accounts
  • Administration and Human Resources


The core functions of the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control – NCDC

  1. Prevent, detect, and control diseases of public health importance.
  2. Support States responding to small or mini outbreaks, and lead the response to large disease outbreaks.
  3. Coordinate surveillance systems to collect, analyse and interpret data on diseases of public health importance.
  4. Develop and maintain a network of reference and specialized laboratories.
  5. Conduct, collate, synthesize and disseminate public health research to inform policy.
  6. Lead Nigeria’s engagement with the international community on diseases of public health relevance.

Office Addresses

Administrative Headquarters

Address: Plot 801, Ebitu Ukiwe Street, Jabi, Abuja, Nigeria.

National Reference Laboratory

Address:  National Reference Laboratory, Gaduwa, Abuja, Nigeria.

Central Public Health Laboratory

Address: 67 Murtala Mohammed Way, Yaba, Lagos, Nigeria.

Telephone line: 0800-970000-10 (Toll-Free Call Centre)



Social Media Channels

Facebook: @NCDCgov

Twitter: @NCDCgov

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