How to Apply  for Texila American University BSc, MSc, MPH & Phd Programs and Get $1000 Instant Scholarship

Texila American University is the top and world Renowned Medical University in Caribbean to study medicine and other courses.   It is fully accredited by the National Accreditations Council of Guyana and runs online  Bachelors , Masters and PhD programs in partnership with the IAU-UNESCO listed Universidad Central de Nicaragua (UCN) (English name: Central University of Nicaragua. The school is recognized by the World Health Organization, the Medical Council of India, the International Association for Dental Research, Global Alliance for Medical Education, the International Association for Medical Education, the Swiss Association of Pharmaceutical Professionals and the Association of Commonwealth Universities, among several others. The school has been training Nigerian doctors for years many of whom have completed their studies  returned to the country and are currently practicing  in various hospitals across Nigeria.

Masters and PhD graduates from Texila American University are leaders in influential organizations such as WHO, UNICEF, UNAIDS, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, University Lecturers and several Non-Governmental Organizations across the world. Degrees  obtained from Texila American University /UCN are at par with Canadian degrees as confirmed by the International Qualification Assessment Service (IQAS) In Canada.


Benefits of Texila Distant Learning and Blended Programs

Cost: Compared to the cost of many programs in its class Texila  American University programs are very affordable. In addition their online programs eliminates the cost of  moving from one state to another or relocating to another country with an entirely different way of life has never been an easy experience, online degrees eliminates the cost of relocating to new country or state completely.


Flexibility: Online Bsc,  Masters and PhD is designed with working professionals in view just like the open University of Nigeria system. The dynamic nature of the program is completely different from the traditional programs and provides students with the opportunity to study and work concurrently by taking advantage of the flexible schedule the program offers.


Convenience: Prospective students from anywhere in the world who meet the admission criteria of Texila American University can be admitted into the Bachelors  Masters and PhD program and from the comfort of their homes or offices, they can have access to study materials including webinars and other instructional materials 24hrs a day, this takes out the stress of missed lectures, commuting to a physical classroom, the struggle for parking space or haste to beat traffic to meet up with lectures. Through arranged online live events (Faculty Student Interaction), discussion boards, group assignments and other online tools, students can communicate with highly-accomplished instructors in various fields and other members of the virtual learning environment.


You don’t have to Quit your Job to get World class  Education; with the Texila American university online Bsc ,Masters  or PhD, being on a university campus is no longer a requirement for getting the benefits of a world class education and training.


No GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, and IELTS Requirements: With Texila American University the stress and burden of Graduate Record Examination, TOEFL and IELTS Requirements are eliminated


How to Apply for Texila American University BSc, MSc, MPH & Phd Programs and Get $1000 Instant Scholarship

You can apply for Texila American University programs and get an instant $1000 scholarship by following these simple steps .

Step 1: Visit Apply.Tau.Org and use the Referral code: TAU003

Step 2: Fill In your details as required but double check your email address for accuracy

Step 3: From the drop down button select the program of your choice

Step 4: On the space for Referral Code enter: TAU003

Step 5: Click Submit once you have completed the form

Once you complete your application an enrollment Advisor will contact you and guide you further.


Evaluation Process

The following will be required from you during the evaluation of your eligibility for the selected program after you have submitted your online application  form.

  1. Government issued form of identification eg. (Valid International Passport , or Voters card or Drivers license or National ID card old or new) any other form of identification is unacceptable
  2. Soft copy of passport photograph
  3. Soft copy Credentials SSCE, NECO, WAEC, NABTED etc for First degree program , Soft copy of first degree for Masters programs and For PhD soft copies of masters degree or equivalent is mandatory.
  4. Soft copy of curriculum vitae (CV)
  5. Medical doctors, Pharmacists and Medical lab scientists will be required to submit a soft copy of their registration and or license


*No GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, and IELTS  is Required

Only students who meets the minimum criteria for admission will be admitted for the available spaces for each intake.

Warning:  Do Not Submit Fake or Forged documents as you will be referred  to security agencies for prosecution if you do !!!


Available online courses

School of Behavioral Science

Masters in Clinical Psychology

Masters in Counseling Psychology

Ph.D in Clinical Psychology

Ph.D in Guidance & Counseling Psychology

Ph.D in Medical Social Work

Ph.D in Psychology (Integrated)


School of Clinical Research

Masters in Clinical Research

Ph.D in Clinical Research (60 Credits)

Ph.D in Clinical Research (75 Credits)


School of Nursing

Bachelors in Nursing for Registered Nurses (RN to BSN)

Masters in Nursing (BSN to MSN)

Ph.D in Nursing


School of Public Health

Bachelor of Public Health

Masters in Public Health

Master in Public Health – Advanced Standing

Ph.D in Public Health (96 Credits)

Ph.D in Public Health (120 Credits)

Ph.D in Public Health ( Integrated )


Ph.D in Health Education

School of Information Technology

Bachelors in Information Technology

Masters in Information Technology

Masters in Computer Science

Ph.D in Computer Science

Ph.D in Information Technology


School of Business & Management

Masters in Business Administration

MBA Integrated

MBA Executive

Ph.D in Management

Ph.D in Healthcare Administration

Ph.D in Management (Integrated )


School of Education

Bachelors in Education

Masters in Education

Ph.D in Education


School of Alternative Medicine

Masters in Alternative Medicine

Ph.D in Alternative Medicine

Integrated Ph.D in Alternative Medicine


School of Research

Masters in Library Science by Research

Masters in Public Administration by Research

Masters in Social Work by Research

Masters in Sociology by Research

Masters in Theology by Research

Ph.D in Library Science by Research

Ph.D in Public Administration by Research

Ph.D in Social Work by Research

Ph.D in Sociology by Research

Ph.D in Theology by Research


School of Engineering & Technology

Master of Engineering – Computer Science

Master of Engineering – Multimedia and Creative Technologies

Master of Engineering – Software Engineering

Master of Engineering – Engineering Management


Good Luck With Your Application

For Addition Information send email to:  Info@publichealth.com.ng  include a valid contact phone number when using this option


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