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Bathing is an essential daily routine that rid the body of dirts and harmful organisms, leaving an individual feeling fresh and clean. However, as with majority of hygiene routines there appears to be differences in patterns and procedure globally.

In some parts of the world bathing is done seating or squatting, while in other parts the standard procedure is to stand while bathing. See Bizarre  African Sex Rituals  That Are Detrimental to Health 

In this piece we have provided insights into the common parts of the body most people ignore while having their bath

The Ear

This very important part of the body is often ignored by most adults while having their bath. The outer surfaces of the ear frequently accumulate dust and dirt leaving this unattended to for long is unhygienic.

Your Heels 

As an individual moves from one point to the other one of the parts closest to the ground is the heels. Unfortunately, most people only think of the heals during festivities or pedicure sessions which often leave the heels in attended to for a long time.

Navel or Belly Button

Washing the abdominal area is not the same thing as cleaning the belly button, most people go several years without cleaning this area due to its obscure location.

The Navel area is home to millions of bacteria. A study conducted in North Carolina, which involved the swabbing of 60 different belly buttons discovered 2,368 species of bacteria

Back of the Neck

Another important area most of us forget to wash while taking our bath is the back of the neck. Despite being one of the most exposed part of the body in many population, it hardly gets the attention it deserves due to the constant pampering of the front part of the neck.

Back of the Knees

The back of the knees is one of the forgotten parts of the body. Its neglect leads to the gradual but continuous accumulation of dirt and sweat, which increase the likelihood of irritation and microbial infection.

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The Back

Many people spend a lifetime without touching this area, in fact, a sizeable number of the population hold the false notion that it is unnecessary to wash the back. The neglect of the back can result in diverse kinds of skin conditions including eczema. Sewer Backup Health risks

The Anus

The anus is the most contaminated part of the body due to the constant expulsion of faces. The area surrounding the anal opening is a reservoir of many pathogenic microorganisms.Washing of the anal area during bath especially for individuals using paper based toilet tissues and wipes is important so as to avoid contamination of underwears after bath.

Vagina and Penis

In the case of the genitals the main issue is not neglect but improper cleaning or washing. The Standard procedure is to start from the front and proceed towards the anal area and not the other way round. It is also not advisable to use hot water or harsh soaps on the genitals as this will promote dryness, disturb the normal flora balance and cause irritation. See The Top 5 Myths About Vagina Tightening

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