Over the years fraudsters have taken over the media space to promote their Vagina tightening products, these they have done my making spurious and fraudulent claims. Unfortunately, many have fallen victims, while others have ended up injecting harmful substances into their body with very unfavorable outcomes. Below are the Top 5 Myths About Vagina tightening you need to know

  1. Giving Birth makes your vagina lose permanently.

This is a false assertion, the female anatomy is structurally designed with childbirth in mind, the vagina is one of the most elastic parts of the female body it has a rich supply of blood and is surrounded by very elastic muscles which stretches to bring a child into this world and contracts slowly after childbirth until it finally returns to its pre-delivery status.

  1. Sex Is Responsible For A Loose Vagina

This is another fallacy without any scientific data to back it up, the muscles of the vagina wall relax when the woman is in an excited mood and quickly constrict after arousal might have subsided or coitus completed.

  1. Lack of Orgasm makes the vagina lose

Many women spend their life without achieving orgasm while others attain orgasm each time they have sex. Every woman is different, it is true that the vagina contracts during orgasm but the muscles on the walls of the vagina begins to relax once orgasm is completed and then the vagina return to its previous state.

  1. Vagina tightening gels regenerate a hymen

Once a hymen is broken it can never be regrown or regenerated again, a woman only has one hymen and the breaking of the hymen is usually followed sometimes with the passage of blood either during first coitus, accidental tear or by several other means.

Nevertheless, advances in medical practice now permits women to treat their vagina via a surgical procedure known as Labiaplasty, data released by the American society of plastic surgeons indicates that surgeons performed around 10,000 labiaplasty surgeries in 2020, the procedure could cost as much as $6000

  1. Vagina Remain The same Throughout Lifetime

The rise and fall in the level of hormones especially estrogen play a critical role in the life of every woman, the vagina is not an exception to this rule.The vagina will witness several changes during the lifetime of a woman, it will gain the ability to stretch and elongate at puberty when the production of estrogen begins.

Unfortunately, as women approach menopause the shift in the levels of hormones will result in changes in elasticity and impair the ability of the vagina to elongate. This explains why older women in peri and post-menopausal stages of their lives experience pains during intercourse. See: Does Lemon Juice Tighten Your Vag?


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