oxycodone M30 tablets


The surge in counterfeit M30 pills containing non-pharmaceutical fentanyl and synthetic opioids is an alarming trend that has plagued North America in recent years, exacerbating the already distressing opioid crisis. These fake pills, often distributed through cryptomarkets, have played a significant role in the rising overdose mortality rates in the region. This article Analyses a recent study and sheds light on the gravity of the situation by presenting data collected from one major cryptomarket during the period of January to March 2022.


The Dark Web Dilemma

The Dark Web, a hidden part of the internet accessible only through specialized browsers, has become a breeding ground for illegal activities. Among these activities, the trade of counterfeit oxycodone pills has seen a disturbing uptick. Counterfeit pills, which appear nearly identical to their pharmaceutical counterparts, pose a grave threat to public health. They are often laced with potent synthetic opioids, primarily non-pharmaceutical fentanyl, which can lead to fatal overdoses.


The Study

Data was collected and analyzed using a Named Entity Recognition algorithm designed to identify oxycodone listings on one major cryptomarket. The listings were then categorized as either pharmaceutical or counterfeit based on specific criteria. The study focused on the frequency of listings, the average number of pills advertised, the average price per milligram, the number of sales, and the geographical indicators of shipment origin and destination.


Key Findings

In total, 2,665 listings were identified as oxycodone-related. Shockingly, 48.2% (1,285 out of 2,665) of these listings were categorized as counterfeit oxycodone. These counterfeit listings advertised an astonishing total of 652,699 pills, averaging at 93,242.7 pills per listing. What’s even more concerning is that these counterfeit pills were offered at a substantially lower price than their pharmaceutical counterparts.


The Geographical Dimension

The geographical analysis of the data reveals that the distribution of counterfeit M30 pills is primarily targeted at the United States and Canada. The demand for these illicit pills in these regions has led to their widespread availability, both in retail and wholesale quantities. This not only puts the lives of individuals who misuse these substances at risk but also challenges law enforcement agencies in their efforts to curb the opioid crisis.


The Urgent Need for Surveillance

These findings underscore the urgent need for comprehensive epidemiological surveillance systems that can effectively track the availability of counterfeit pills and other illicit drugs on the Dark Web. Without such monitoring and control measures, the counterfeit pill crisis is likely to persist, claiming more lives and fueling the opioid epidemic in North America.



The menace of counterfeit M30 pills is a grave concern that has infiltrated the Dark Web and is driving the opioid crisis to new heights. The data presented here highlights the magnitude of the problem and its impact on public health. Immediate action is required to tackle this issue, from strengthening law enforcement efforts to developing innovative strategies to monitor and control the availability of counterfeit pills on the Dark Web. The fight against this dark epidemic demands our collective attention and commitment to saving lives.

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