Main Provisions Of Nigerian Quarantine Act Of 1926

Power to declare any place an infected local area

The President may, by notice, declare any place whether within or without Nigeria to

be an infected local area, and thereupon such place shall be an infected local area within

the meaning of this Act.


The President may make regulations for all or any of the following purposes-

 (a) prescribing the steps to be taken within Nigeria upon any place, whether within

or without Nigeria, being declared to be an infected local area;

(b) prescribing the introduction of any dangerous infectious disease into Nigeria or

any part thereof from any place without Nigeria, whether such place is an infected local area or not;

(c) preventing the spread of any dangerous infectious disease from any place

within Nigeria, whether an infected local area or not, to any other place within


(d) preventing the transmission of any dangerous infectious disease from Nigeria

or from any place within Nigeria, whether an infected local area or not, to any

place without Nigeria;

(e) prescribing the powers and duties of such officers as may be charged with carrying out such regulations;

(f) fixing the fees and charges to be paid for any matter or thing to be done under

such regulations, and prescribing the persons by whom such fees and charges

shall be paid, and the persons by whom the expenses of carrying out any such

regulations shall be borne, and the persons from whom any such expenses incurred by the Government may be recovered;

(g) generally for carrying out the purposes and provisions of this Act.


Any person contravening any of the regulations made under this Act shall be liable to

a fine of N200 or to imprisonment for a term of six months or to both.

Provision of sanitary stations

The President and within each State, the Governor thereof, may provide such sanitary

stations, buildings and equipment, and appoint such sanitary anchorages as he may think

necessary for the purposes of this Act.

Jurisdiction of magistrates

Proceedings for imposing any fine or imprisonment under this Act or for recovering

any expenses incurred or charged by the Government in carrying out the provisions of

this Act may be commenced before and determined by any magistrate.

State quarantine and powers

If and to the extent that any declaration under section 2 or 3 or this Act has not been

made, and to the extent that regulations under section 4 of this Act have not been made

by the President, power to make any such declaration and to make such regulations may

be exercised in respect of a State, by the Governor thereof as fully as such power may be

exercised by the President, and subject to the same conditions and limitations.

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