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What is Kayan Mata?

The term “Kayan Mata” literally means “women’s things” in the Hausa language, and the products are mainly targeted toward women. Kayan Mata refers to a collection of herbs, fruits, potions, oil, and other organic substances used by northern tribes in Nigeria to enhance love, intimacy and boost sexual satisfaction. It acts like a super aphrodisiac that provides better performance and greater experience while also enhancing the bonding between a man and a woman.

Many of the herbs on the kayan mata basket have huge medicinal uses. A study published in the Journal of Medicinal Plants revealed that Azanza garckeana also known as goron tula,  a popular kayan mata fruit is used as herbal medicine for diseases and ailments such as chest pains, cough, infertility, liver problems, menstruation problems, and sexually transmitted infections. The plant also has a wide range of pharmacological activities such as antibacterial, antifungal, antidiabetic, antimalarial, and antioxidant properties.

Kayan Mata products are usually sold by local vendors in Northern Nigeria and are often made from natural ingredients such as ginger, cloves, cinnamon, honey, and shea butter. The products are typically used topically, either applied to the skin or ingested orally, and are believed to have aphrodisiac effects, increase libido, and improve sexual function.

kayan mata

Types of Kayan Mata

Kayamata products come in tablets, perfumes, scrabs, dishes, etc depending on the purpose. In general, kayan mata can be categorized into 3 namely:

Kayan Mata For Vagina Upgrade:  This category of kayan mata is popular among the “mata kayan dadi club members” They are targeted at improving the quality and appeal of the vagina by enhancing its sexual properties during sex. This group of kayan mata can increase the secretions of the vaginal walls, tighten the vagina, mask or eradicate smell, and treat pain during sex. Examples include Goron tula , Simi, Sugar Lumps,  Madura, Turaren Wuta, amongst many others.

Kayan Mata For Faithfulness and Libido Boosting: This category of kayan mata is targeted at keeping a partner to yourself, improving sexual stamina, and enhancing a person’s overall sexual drive or desire for sexual activity. This class of kayan mata keeps a partner coming for more. Gindin ayu, for instance, is made from a fish known as Ayu, this fish stays glued to the vagina of his mate and even when he’s free he does not desire any other. Portions made from the genitals of this fish for men and women mimic this relationship in humans. The libido-boosting subtypes of this kayanmata are highly sought after by men and women. Men with erectile dysfunction and women experiencing a low sex drive depend on this for succor.

Kayan Mata Favour and Attraction Potions: This is perhaps the most controversial of all types of kayan mata, because it involves black magic or the spiritual manipulation of a partner using sex oil and potions. The objective of this “prayer” and incantations laced potions is to get a person to grant all manner of favors to the partner during or after sexual encounters. Not all kayan mata are charms but this type of kayan mata is more or less a favour charm. Examples include kayanmata favor oil, command oil, kayanmata attraction oil, kayamata beads,kayanmata hypnotic charm, etc.

Dosage of Kyan Mata

There are varying dosage regimes for the sea of kayan mata in circulation. Some kayan mata and kayan maza for men come with specific dosages and directions on how to use while many vendors without labels educate their customers on how to use their products at the point of purchase depending on the kayamata or Kayan maza recipe.

goron tula

Side Effects & Warnings On Kyan Mata

Although there are many health benefits of organic kayan mata as confirmed by a study published in the International Journal of Traditional and Natural Medicines, one of the major issues with herbal medicine is the dosage and how herbs may affect health. We often do not know the identity of the main active constituents or their quantities, nor how those quantities might vary among samples of the raw materials, or how they might be affected by the way the herbs or potions are prepared.

While Kayan Mata products are traditionally used for enhancing sexual pleasure and fertility, it is important to note that there is limited scientific evidence to support their effectiveness. Furthermore, some of the ingredients used in these products may have potential risks and side effects which can include:


Microbial Contamination

The presence of pathogenic and non-pathogenic bacteria in the herbal medicines used for the treatment of sexual dysfunction is a major source of concern for public health practitioners. The microbial analysis of some Azanza garckeana  (Goron tula) juice shows that it can harbor unacceptable levels of bacteria raising concern for bacterial infection. It is important to wash wild fruits properly before consumption.

Drug Interactions

Drug interactions are serious side effects of herbal medicine. Many commonly used medications interact with herbs.  Some Kayan mata may amplify the effect of the medication, as in the case of sedatives, anesthetics, and blood thinners. Others may block the drug from working completely. This can lead to dangerous consequences. Discuss with your doctor if you are on any medication before using kayan mata especially if you are pregnant.

Kidney Failure And Liver Damage

Following the  “explosion” in the kayan mata market and its unregulated nature, there is an increased tendency for unscrupulous vendors to sell adulterated concoctions to unsuspecting buyers. A study published in the Medical Journal of Australia revealed that such medications can cause kidney failure and liver damage in some consumers because they contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals, which react harmfully with other drugs.

Mental Health and Spiritual issues

Many Peddlers and vendors of kayan mata claim their products have supernatural powers that could help their customers keep or snatch a lover and get him to do whatever they wish.  A recently published British study found that people who consider themselves spiritual but not religious are more likely to have a mental disorder compared to conventionally religious people. It is important to note that mind control and favor-extracting potions can sometimes lead to unexpected consequences especially those related to adverse mental health conditions.

Kayan Mata Withdrawal Symptoms

A withdrawal syndrome is a set of symptoms occurring due to the discontinuation or dosage reduction of some types of medications and recreational drugs. Some women who can previously get wet have reported an inability to lubricate for sex after stopping kayan Mata. If this happens, speak to your doctor as soon as you can.

Kayan Mata Recipe

How To Use Goron Tula To Enhance Sexual Enjoyment

Fresh fruits Steps  

Step 1: Wash 2-5 fresh fruit properly to eradicate microbes and contaminants that may have come in contact with the fruit during harvesting and handling


Step 2: Extract the fruit ball by removing the shell casing to expose the pulp before proceeding to remove the seeds


Step 3: Chew the pulp to extract the slimy fluid until there are no fluid to suck but do not swallow the chaff.


Step 4: You can also extract the Goron Tula juice from the fresh pulp by using a press


Dry fruits Steps  

Step 1: You can also extract the juice from dried fruits and powder of the plant by warm water  extraction


Step 2: Soak the Goron Tula powder in warm water for at least 15 minutes


Step 3: The extract can then be mixed with pineapple and lemon to boost coital enjoyment for couples


Step 4: When used by men, the lemon-pineapple mixture is a magic wand against premature ejaculation.


It is also important to note that Kayan Mata products are not regulated by any government agency, and there are concerns about the safety and purity of these products. Therefore, it is recommended to exercise caution when using Kayan Mata products and to consult with a healthcare provider before use.

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