Many couples are confronted with this question especially new couples and families that have waited a long time for those two lines to appear on the pregnancy test strip. The answer to the this question is YES and NO

This is why……….

Generally sex during pregnancy is safe and even more enjoyable especially for the male partner but can be very uncomfortable and irritating for an expectant mother due to hormonal changes rapidly taking place within her body especially during the first trimester .

There is no reason not to have sex if both partners are comfortable with it, the myth that the penis could injure or adversely affect the baby is false. This is because the penis does not progress beyond the vagina. The baby is protected by a thick mucus plug which seals the cervix and prevent entry of anything harmful to the baby. ALSO READ: Nigerian Foods and Beverages to Avoid During Pregnancy

In addition, the baby is suspended within the amniotic sac ( a sac formed by two membranes the amnion and the chorion) by the amniotic fluid inside the uterus which cushions and protects the baby from mechanical shock occasioned by impact on the mothers abdominal area.

However, sex is mostly not option if you are having a challenging, issues ridden, or high risk pregnancy. In which case most doctors will advise abstinence from sex until stability is achieved so as to avoid preterm labour triggered by uterus contracting substances contained in the semen.


Sex during pregnancy may complicate issues if

  1. You have a low-lying placenta know as placenta praevia
  2. You have a history of unexplained vaginal bleeding
  3. You are pregnant with multiple (twins or more ) and in your 3rd trimester
  1. You have a history of cervical weakness
  2. You have consistent vagina infections

It is important to note that as pregnancy advances (about 20wweks and above) there are certain positions to avoid in order to safeguard the health of the mother and the unborn child. Positions such as the missionary position during this period forces the uterus to put pressure on your aorta when you lie in your back. This action adversely affects the flow of blood to the baby via the placenta. In addition if you engage in oral sex during pregnancy, the male partner must avoid blowing air into the vagina as this action compromises blood flow.

In conclusion except on the advice of your doctor, penetrative sex during pregnancy will not in any way harm your baby or lead to miscarriage and should be enjoyed. Read: Dangers Of Using 7up With Salt To Terminate Pregnancy




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