Is Golden Morn Good For Diabetics

Finding a healthy food when you have a certain health condition can be a challenge. Healthy eating can help you prevent, control, and even reverse diabetes. And with some good tips, you can still enjoy your food without feeling hungry or deprived.

Whether you’re trying to prevent or control diabetes, your nutritional needs are virtually the same as everyone else, so no special foods are necessary. But you do need to pay attention to some of your food choices—most notably the carbohydrates you eat. While following a special diet or other heart-healthy food plans, the most important thing you can do is to lose a little weight.

Losing just 5% to 10% of your total weight can help you lower your blood sugar, blood pressure, and cholesterol levels. Losing weight and eating healthier can also have a profound effect on your mood, energy, and sense of wellbeing. People with diabetes have nearly double the risk of heart disease and are at a greater risk of developing mental health disorders such as depression.

But most cases of type 2 diabetes are preventable and some can even be reversed. Even if you’ve already developed diabetes, it’s not too late to make a positive change. By eating healthier, being more physically active, and losing weight, you can reduce your symptoms. Taking steps to prevent or control diabetes doesn’t mean living in deprivation; it means eating a tasty, balanced diet that will also boost your energy and improve your mood. You don’t have to give up sweets entirely or resign yourself to a lifetime of bland food.

However, your risk is higher if you tend to carry your weight around your abdomen as opposed to your hips and thighs. A lot of belly fat surrounds the abdominal organs and liver and is closely linked to insulin resistance. You are at an increased risk of developing diabetes if you are:


  • A woman with a waist circumference of 35 inches or more


  • A man with a waist circumference of 40 inches or more


Calories obtained from fructose (found in sugary beverages such as soda, energy and sports drinks, coffee drinks, and processed foods like doughnuts, muffins, cereal, candy and granola bars) are more likely to add weight around your abdomen. Cutting back on sugary foods can mean a slimmer waistline as well as a lower risk of diabetes.


What is Golden Morn?

Golden Morn cereal brand (Golden Morn Millet and Golden Morn Maize) is a nutritious cereal made from locally sourced whole grains. Golden Morn contains over 50% of whole grains in each pack and is fortified with essential nutrients such as vitamin A and iron.


Is golden morn good for diabetics?

Golden Morn is made principally from corn, you can eat corn-based food if you have diabetes. Corn is a source of energy, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. It’s also low in sodium and fat. Golden Morn is a good source of fiber that benefits people with diabetes, by reducing blood sugar and lowering cholesterol. However, it is important to follow the advice of the American Diabetes Association. Set a daily limit for the amount of carbs you plan to eat and keep track of the carbohydrates you consume.

According to a recent study, high consumption of flavonoids, like those found in corn (its largest group of phenolic compounds), reduces the risk of chronic diseases, including diabetes. The study also indicated:


  • A moderate intake of resistant starch (about 10 grams per day) from corn can reduce glucose and insulin response.


  • Regular whole-grain corn consumption improves digestive health and can lower the risk of developing chronic diseases, such as type 2 diabetes and obesity.


Soybean another ingredient in this cereal is an effective food for managing and preventing diabetes. According to several studies, soybean has the ability to increase insulin receptors in the body. As a result, it can prevent diabetes from occurring in the first place or can help manage the disease effectively if you are already suffering from it. Further, the carbohydrate content in soybean is incredibly low, which makes it an excellent anti-diabetic food. Eating soybean will keep your blood sugar levels in check and will make sure that it doesn’t spike thanks to the soy isoflavones. Although the mechanism of how it works is still unknown, scientists say that soy isoflavones help improve insulin sensitivity, allowing the cells to absorb more glucose and respond more to insulin.

However, the consumption of Golden Morn by people with diabetes should be discussed with your doctor first because Golden Morn contains added sugars. Excessive amounts of added sugars have been associated with an increased risk of type 2 diabetes, likely due to negative effects on the liver and a higher risk of obesity. Natural sugars like those found in fruits and vegetables are not linked to diabetes risk whereas artificial sweeteners are.

In addition, high-fructose sugar can also lead to leptin resistance. According to the Journal of Endocrinology, the hormone leptin triggers satiety, letting your brain know that the body doesn’t need to eat and to burn calories at a normal rate.

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