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There have been increasing reports of counterfeit alprazolam products globally. Most counterfeit tablets do not contain alprazolam, instead, they contain etizolam, other deadly benzodiazepines like fentanyl. According to the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), Fentanyl is a powerful synthetic opioid that is similar to morphine but is 50 to 100 times more potent. It is a prescription drug that is also made and used illegally.

Some drug dealers mix fentanyl with pressed pills because it takes very little to produce a high with fentanyl, making it a cheaper option. This is especially risky when people taking drugs don’t realize they might contain fentanyl as a cheap but dangerous additive. They might be taking stronger opioids than their bodies are used to and can be more likely to overdose.

Counterfeit alprazolam is often poorly manufactured and the ingredients and amounts can vary a lot, even within the same batch. The time from taking the drug to feeling any effect can vary significantly depending on the drug as well as the individual person.


What Alzam?

Alzam is a generic type of Xanax that has been identified as containing Alprazolam. Oral immediate-release tablets of Alzam brands comes in 4 distinct strengths: 0.25 mg, 0.5 mg, 1 mg, and 2 mg. Alprazolam the active ingredient in this medication is a controlled substance in many countries. There are two types of Alzam, the blue-white pack Alzam produced in Mexico by Psicofarma, and Adco- Alzam produced by Adcock Ingram a leading South African pharmaceutical manufacturer listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange.

Mexiacan Alzam

Many people think that saving money at Mexican pharmacies is safe and the state of Utah even has a policy of sending patients on expensive medications to Mexico to fill their prescriptions. But pharmacists in Mexico have raised the alarm that they are being forced by the cartel to purchase fake pills made by cartels and sell them in their pharmacies to the public.  By the pharmacists’ own estimation, six out of ten medications they are selling are counterfeits.

In South Africa, the abuse of Adco Alzam has continued to thrive in countries like South Africa as many young people turn to this anti-anxiety medication. South Africa is increasingly being targeted by drug traffickers and is more vulnerable than its neighbors to online distribution tactics due to relatively high rates of online purchases. Elsewhere on the continent, where the problem is more advanced, awareness and mitigation efforts are miles ahead. These have responded to the illicit pharmaceutical industry advancing and expanding. The industry is adopting more sophisticated technologies such as packaging that fool inspection agents and consumers, as well as internet-based marketing and distribution channels. Traffickers are also growing their markets in terms of volume and destination countries. According to Interpol, more than a million lives a year are lost to these crimes. READ: How Long Does Alzam Take To Work?

According to the Global Observatory, South Africa is targeted by counterfeit medicine traffickers for several reasons. Its long coastline, porous land borders, relative prosperity, overburdened criminal justice system, and well-developed air transit infrastructure all combine to make it an attractive target and warehousing location for international traffickers. Its high purchasing power and frequent use of online pharmacies relative to neighboring countries also enable traffickers to use sales techniques seen in developed markets.


How To Spot Fake Alzam

Online pharmacies and dark web drug marketplaces that sell fake Alzam run illegally, meaning they’re completely unverified and unregulated. The drugs they send to consumers are untested and may come from illegal drug manufacturers. They may also be expired, or they may have been stored incorrectly, affecting the quality and even safety.

When you order Alzam pill, you may receive literally anything over-the-counter medications, sugar pills, or deadly fentanyl pills advertised as Alzam. Fentanyl-laced pills are responsible for most overdose deaths involving opioids. You have no way of demanding a refund since the transaction itself was illegal. Checking a medicine for genuineness is not an easy task but can be done by following these simple guidelines


Check the Alzam Pill Packaging: This is the simplest and the easiest method to check the authenticity of  Alzam pill. Check the packaging for details like unusual fonts, print color, and missing logo. Analyze whether it appears the same or different from the one you have used before.


No Breakage in the Seal: An Alzam pill packet that comes with a security seal should not be damaged. Look for a crack or break in the sealing tape.


Check the Alzam Pill Dosage Form: Look for dissimilarities in the physical appearance of the drug like its color, size, uniformity, consistency, shape, etc.


Physical Attributes of the tablet: As stated by World Health Organization, the common physical attributes that need to be looked out in medicine tablets are:


  • Small pieces of tablets or excessive powder at the bottom of the medicine container.


  • Cracks in the tablets.


  • The appearance of crystal on the container walls or on the medicine tablets.


  • Softening or hardening of the medicines.


  • Swelling, spots, or discoloration of the tablets.


 Allergies / Unexpected Side Effects From Using Alzam Pill: Most of the medicines including Alzam pills have side effects. It is important to consult your doctor before the usage to keep a check on allergies arising from it. If you notice certain unexpected or harmful side effects from your medication, report to your doctor immediately.


Price of Alzam Pill: If the price of Alzam pill is suddenly far cheaper than the usual rate, double-check the product as there may be a chance that the fake companies wanted to lure customers by providing medicines at much cheaper rates.


Fentanyl Test: Using a simple fentanyl test strip can help determine whether your Alzam pill is laced with fentanyl or not.


Verify Online or SMS: Many countries have unique methods for the verification of the genuineness of pills using authentication code or other online portals to confirm the authenticity of the Alzam pill being purchased. SEE: Between Mylan A4 VS Xanax 2mg

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