College of Health Technology Zawan

Plateau State College Of Health Technology, Zawan is located in Jos North, local government area of  Plateau, Nigeria,  institution is divided into 4 distinct schools namely: School of Environmental Health Science, School of Community Health, School of Medical Laboratory Science, School of General Health Science, School of Health Information Management, and School of Pharmacy Technicians. The official list of courses offered in the school of health Zawan are:

  1. Medical Laboratory Assistant MLA
  2. Medical Laboratory Technician MLT
  3. Pharmacy Technician PHT
  4. Dental Technologist DHT
  5. Dental Surgery Technician DST
  6. Dental Therapy DT
  7. Public Health Nursing PHN
  8. Health Assistant HA
  9. Health Technician
  10. Health Information Technician HIT
  11. Health Information Management NDHIM
  12. Environmental Health Technology EHT
  13. Environmental Health Technician EVT
  14. Environmental Health Assistant EHA
  15. Health Education and Promotion HEP
  16. Community Health Extension Worker CHEW
  17. Junior Community Health Extension Worker JCHEW
  18. ND Community Health NDCHEW
  19. Health Education Technician HET
  20. Community Nutrition Technician CNT
  21. Biomedical Engineering BME
  22. X-Ray Technician XRT
  23. Prosthetics and Orthotics Technology POT
  24. Ophthalmic Technician OPT

How To Apply For Admission Into Plateau State College Of Health Technology, Zawan

Follow the steps below to apply for admission into Plateau State College of Health Technology,  Zawan:

  1. Create an account.
  2. Fill the sign up form and register (You must use a valid email and phone number).
  3. An email will be sent to your mail box. Use the information sent (i.e. username and password) to login to the school portal
  4. Once you are logged in, click “Admission Requirements” to view the requirements needed to gain admission into the school.
  5. Click on “Non-JAMB Application” if you are applying WITHOUT a JAMB result or “JAMB Application” if you are applying WITH a JAMB result.
  6. If your application is WITHOUT a JAMB result, select your first and second choice course option and click “Next”.
  7. Your admission form invoice will be generated, click on “Generate RRR” to proceed.
  8. Select the Payment Channel/Type of your choice and complete your payment.
  9. Once payment is successful, go to “Non-JAMB Application” or click on the continue application button below to COMPLETE YOUR APPLICATION PROCESS.



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