What Are The Components Of Self Care?

According to available studies there is currently, no single definition of self-care is broadly accepted in  literature. Definitions vary as to (i) who engages in self-care behavior; (ii) what motivates self-care behaviors; and (iii) the extent to which healthcare professionals are involved. Some researchers have adopted a clinical approach. A 2010 study published in JBI […]

What Are The 5 Components Of Health Related Fitness?

Health-related fitness (HRF) is theoretically defined as a multidimensional construct containing the 5 components. Physical fitness is often measured to see if an adequate standard is in place to ensure good health. The general definition of physical fitness is offered by Howley & Franks (2007) as “a state of well-being with a low risk of […]

Ergo Cycling Tips

Ergo Cycling involves the use of a stationary bicycle usually a special-purpose exercise machine resembling a bicycle without true wheels or an ordinary bicycle for stationary exercise by placing it on bicycle rollers or a trainer. They are used to increase general fitness, for weight loss, and for training for cycling events. A cycle ergometer […]

Top Health Benefits of Yoga With Adriene

The origin of Yoga has been traced to the Indus-Sarasvati civilization in Northern India more than 5,000 years ago. Owing to globalization, the practice of yoga has become entrenched in western societies and represents a modern-day symbol of peace, serenity and well-being.A recent study reported that more than 20 million Americans practice yoga. It further […]

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