30-Day Push-Up Challenge

Push-ups are a fast and effective exercise that can be done just about anywhere, requiring minimal space and with no need for any special gym equipment. Focusing on the upper body, they help in muscle build-up, strength, and endurance. They engage various areas like the triceps, pectoral muscles, and shoulders and go as far as strengthening the lower back and core.

Benefits of Push-Ups

Push-ups can be a challenge, especially for beginners, but here is why you are missing out on the ultimate exercise:


1. Boosts functional strength

As you slowly lower yourself to the floor, you probably have no idea the full-body activation you are getting from this compound exercise. Every muscle of the body has to play a role for stabilization. It’s the reason a standard bench press is no match for its push-up counterpart.

2. Improves the cardiovascular system

While you involve large muscle groups in exercise, your heart has to work harder to deliver blood rich in oxygen to these muscle tissues. As a result, it promotes a healthy heart and reduces the fat levels stored in the body. Therefore, perfect if you wish to tone up and shed some kilos.

3. Triggers HGH production

The exercise engages a range of primary and stabilizing muscles. As more muscle mass is used to boost strength, the higher the production of a human growth hormone (HGH). Our bodies produce it less as we grow older, making it more challenging to attain a muscle build-up. Getting your daily dose of push-ups naturally triggers its production, facilitating muscle growth.

4. Promotes a good posture

We are often quick to ignore posture recommendations despite spending all day gazing at our computers with no idea about the risks involved. A bad posture will adversely affect your health as you age due to weak core muscles. With a strong core, you can adequately hold your shoulders and back. Performing push-ups activates and strengthens the muscles responsible for the correct posture.

Do you have what it takes?

If you think you do, great! We have a 30-day push-up challenge to get you on track with a fitness plan. That’s not even all; whether you are a beginner or a pro, we have modes perfect for everyone! Besides, you can do them in sets throughout the day without having to do them all at once.

Feel excited? We are too! But just before we lay out the plan, let’s ensure you will be doing it right from day one with the instructions below:


  1. Start by going down on all fours, your hands shoulder-width apart and the feet hip-width apart. Move the feet further apart to make it easier and closer together for more of a challenge. The harder you work, the better the sense of accomplishment!
  2. While straightening your arms, keep the hips in line with the shoulders as you move.
  3. Keeping the elbows by the sides, bend them to lower your chest towards the ground. As you flare the elbows, you work the chest area more, while keeping them closer works the triceps more. The closer you can get to the floor without touching it, the better the muscle activation.
  4. Push back up, and repeat the procedure above!



Push-ups are a great strength training exercise that engages various body muscles. To reap as many benefits as possible, stick to the proper form while maintaining the exercise routine in your daily schedule. The excellent news is that you can perform different sets at varying times of the day, so it is not strenuous, especially for beginners. But for now, we are done talking; it’s time for some action!

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