Epidemiologist Salary Around The World

  Epidemiologist Salary Around The World Epidemiologists are specialists who study how diseases spread, and their expertise is very crucial in disease detection, understanding disease patterns and planning for significant outbreaks or epidemics. This unique core competence in public health requires at least a master’s degree in epidemiology or a related field. According to the […]

Behavioral Science Degree and Career Guide

Behavioral Science Degree and Career Guide   Definition of Behavioral Science  Behavioral science is a public health discipline that deals with the interactions between individuals and the community or organisms within the natural world. It achieves its objectives through the study of the past, systematic analysis, investigation of human behavior, disciplined scientific experimentation, and thorough […]

NOUN Student Portal : The National Open University of Nigeria

The National Open University of Nigeria is the pioneer institution for online courses in Nigerian universities. The  NOUN Student Portal is the primary source of information for student and prospective students. It provides a virtual gateway to information and resources of Nigeria’s only Online University. The platform provide access and tools for E- Wallet update […]

Complete Guide For A Career In Healthcare Administration

Complete Guide for a Career in health Administration Definition of Health Administration Healthcare Administration is defined as a discipline in public health which involves the management, administration and leadership of systems in public health, health care, hospitals, clinics and hospital networks. What is the Job Description of a Healthcare Administrator? The job descriptions of a […]