NOUN Student Portal : The National Open University of Nigeria

The National Open University of Nigeria NOUN Student Portal is the primary source of information for student and prospective students. It provides a virtual gateway to information and resources of Nigeria’s only Online University. The platform provide access and tools for E- Wallet update   Course Registration   Electronic course materials   TMA   E- […]

Complete Guide For A Career In Healthcare Administration

Complete Guide for a Career in health Administration Definition of Health Administration Healthcare Administration is defined as a discipline in public health which involves the management, administration and leadership of systems in public health, health care, hospitals, clinics and hospital networks. What is the Job Description of a Healthcare Administrator? The job descriptions of a […]

Where Epidemiologist Work and How Much They Earn

Who is an Epidemiologist? Epidemiologists are public health professionals who study disease outbreaks, patterns, locations, their causes and how populations and communities are affected commonly called epidemiology. The activities of the epidemiologist are very important in disease control and prevention because they utilize the information obtained from the field to aid in the prevention of […]

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