The Best Programs for Biochemistry Majors

In a Biochemistry    program, you will study disciplines at the intersection of biology and chemistry, exploring life at the molecular level. Basically, you will be given an opportunity to build interdisciplinary knowledge, which enables getting a job in biotech, research, medicine, and many more fields.

Since Biochemistry majors obtain a solid education in both biology and chemistry, you will take in-depth courses exploring molecular and cell biology, microbiology, genetics, inorganic and biophysical chemistry, computational genomics, and even physics. All of them are supposed to be not purely theoretical but with laboratory components. Your lab experiments may include enzymology, protein purification, gene expression, DNA cloning, RNA hybridization, etc. Also, by recording your observations and conclusions in reports, you will learn the fundamentals of scientific writing. However, all these disciplines and numerous lab reports may put a big burden on you. So is there a way to relive it? Read the answer below!

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Now that you have an idea of what a Biochemistry major has to offer you, consider some of the best programs in the world listed below!


The best programs for Biochemistry majors


  1. Harvard University

Harvard University is the number one university in the world when it comes to Biology and Biochemistry programs. Thanks to its rigorous and high-quality education, this prestigious institution has earned global recognition. Although the admissions process may be quite complicated, being enrolled in this school is already an astonishing achievement. Outstanding academics and top-notch extracurriculars will provide you with an excellent experience. However, you are expected to study very hard in order to get a degree.

  1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is ranked second in the list of best universities for a Biochemistry major. It offers many great opportunities to pursue your interests and achieve great personal growth. There are a lot of clubs, classes, research options, and other resources that foster student development. You can gain hands-on experience and numerous applicable skills while studying at MIT. Note that the years spent at its campus may be the most difficult in your life since you’ll be constantly pushed by instructors. But eventually, you will expand your intellectual limits and gain valuable knowledge.

  1. Stanford University

Stanford University is another great place to study Biochemistry. This school offers a lot of unique interdisciplinary classes that can bring your skills to a new level. Its interactive environment will make your time there fun and unforgettable. Most graduates say that Stanford gave them an incredible college experience and a chance to meet life-long friends. What’s more, the university provides a generous financial aid package for students who need it. Enthusiastic professors that motivate students to make this place special and not similar to others.

  1. University of Cambridge

The University of Cambridge is famous for its programs in biological sciences. Interesting lectures and advanced workshops make the study very effective. Biochemistry graduate students can join a research laboratory associated with their supervisor to conduct studies and discuss them with peers. You will also have a chance to attend weekly seminars and an annual symposium. At the University of Cambridge, you will be required to make quarterly and annual progress reports that help the staff to track all facets of your education and development. So you will never be left alone with your studies since instructors consistently monitor and discuss your progress.

Final thoughts

With a Biochemistry major, you can easily enter the job market as a chemical, biological or clinical laboratory technician. You can also become a biological or medical scientist and work in laboratories of chemical or pharmaceutical manufacturers as well. If you feel that any of these paths is for you, you should apply for one of the programs listed above. Instead of expertise in one area of sciences, it will give you integrative and expansive knowledge necessary for a successful career.


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