what is public health majorPublic health is the science of promoting and protecting the health of communities. It involves research, disease prevention, policy formulation and implementation and the prevention of injuries and disabilities. It is an inter disciplinary field comprising Medicine, Biology, Anthropology, Public policy, Mathematics, Engineering, Education, Psychology, Computer science, Sociology, Business and  many others. Public health deals with populations rather than individuals. While Medicine is focused on treating the sick, the major goal of public health is to prevent disease through organized efforts.

What is a Public Health Major

A Public Health major is an academic discipline to which an undergraduate student formally commits  while in college or university. A student who successfully completes all courses under Public Health qualifies for an undergraduate degree in public health. A Public Health Majors are usually administered by select faculty in an academic department and most public health colleges offers the undergraduate Bachelor of Arts (BA) in public health , the Bachelor of Science (BS) in public health or both. See What Can You Do With A Public Health Major

Both the Bachelor of Arts and the Bachelor of Science (BS) degrees in public health  provide you with a basic understanding of the five core public health knowledge areas which are:


-Social and behavioral sciences


-Health policy and management

– Occupational and environmental health sciences.


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