Is Amethyst Water Safe

Amethyst crystals are a violet variety of quartz, the ancient Greeks wore amethyst and carved drinking vessels from it in the belief that it would prevent intoxication. Amethyst is thought to be a powerful ayurvedic and natural health practitioners recommend using amethysts for healing, not much scientific research supports their use. High-quality amethyst can be found in Siberia, Sri Lanka, Brazil, Uruguay, and the Far East. The ideal grade is called “Deep Siberian” and has a primary purple hue of around 75–80%, with 15–20% blue and (depending on the light source) red secondary hues. ‘Rose de France’ is defined by its markedly light shade of purple, reminiscent of a lavender/lilac shade. These pale colors were once considered undesirable but have recently become popular due to intensive marketing.

Amethyst crystals are used in crystal therapy, which is meant to heal people suffering from certain health issues. It contains iron and certain other minerals and has been used as a treatment for a long time. Its name comes from the Greek term “Ametusthos” which means “not intoxicated”. In Greek mythology, a titan named Rhea gave the god of wine, Dionysus, an amethyst to help preserve his sanity. In fact, this myth led the ancient Romans to believe that amethysts could keep them from getting drunk.


What is Amethyst Water?

Amethyst water is a type of crystal-infused water that is made by placing amethyst crystals in water and allowing them to infuse the water with their energy and purported healing properties. Amethyst is a purple-colored variety of quartz that is often used in crystal healing and meditation practices.

To make amethyst water, you can place amethyst crystals in a container of water and leave it to sit for a few hours or overnight. Some people prefer to place the container in direct sunlight or moonlight to enhance the energy of the crystals. Others may prefer to use a specific type of water, such as spring water or purified water, to make their amethyst water.

Proponents of crystal healing believe that amethyst water can have a variety of benefits, including promoting relaxation, reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing intuition and spiritual awareness, and improving physical health. Some people may also use amethyst water as a beauty treatment for their skin or hair.

It is important to note that while many people believe in the healing properties of crystal-infused water, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. However, some studies have shown that exposure to certain colors, such as purple, may have a calming effect on the body and mind.

Benefits of Amethyst water 

Amethyst crystals are believed by some natural health practitioners to produce small magnetic fields that can have positive effects on the body. These magnetic fields can interact with the body’s own magnetic fields and exchange energy. Here are some potential health benefits associated with amethyst:

  1. Improves sleep: Amethyst water is said to help with insomnia and regulate sleep patterns. Some studies on animals and humans have suggested that the crystal emits a calming heat that can aid in restful sleep.
  2. Boosts mood: Amethyst water is believed to have mood-boosting properties. Studies have shown that when subjects placed far-infrared radiation-emitting discs under their pillows, they reported feeling happier and more relaxed.
  3. Supports healthy cell growth: Due to its radiation properties, amethyst water is thought to help regenerate cells and support healthy cell growth. This is because it increases the body’s energy levels.
  4. Relieves stress and anxiety: Amethyst crystals are believed to attract positive energy and dispel negative emotions, making it an effective tool for those suffering from stress and anxiety.
  5. Enhances decision-making skills: Amethyst is said to work on an emotional and psychological level, promoting clearer thinking and better decision-making skills.

It’s important to note that while these potential health benefits are widely believed in some natural health circles, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims. If you are interested in trying amethyst for its health benefits, it’s always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional first.


Is Amethyst Water Safe?

The safety of amethyst water depends on how it is prepared and consumed. Amethyst water is made by placing amethyst crystals in water and allowing them to infuse the water with their energy and purported healing properties. However, it is important to note that amethyst water may contain trace amounts of minerals and compounds that are present in the crystal, and these substances may be harmful if consumed in large quantities.

Moreover, the safety of amethyst water may also depend on the quality of the crystals used. Some amethyst crystals may be treated with chemicals or radiation to enhance their color, which may pose health risks if consumed in water. It is essential to purchase amethyst crystals from a reputable source and ensure that they are free of any treatments.

In general, it is recommended to exercise caution when consuming any crystal-infused water or elixir. While some people believe in the healing properties of crystal-infused water, there is no scientific evidence to support these claims.

Amethyst owes its violet color to irradiation, impurities of iron and in some cases, other transition metals, and the presence of other trace elements, which result in complex crystal lattice substitutions. Impurities of iron have been linked significantly to cytotoxic, genotoxic and induced cellular oxidative stress.

The average lethal dose of iron is 200–250 mg/kg of body weight, but death has occurred following the ingestion of doses as low as 40 mg/kg of body weight. Autopsies have shown hemorrhagic necrosis and sloughing of areas of mucosa in the stomach with extension into the submucosa. Chronic iron overload results primarily from a genetic disorder (hemochromatosis) characterized by increased iron absorption and from diseases that require frequent transfusions.

There is a scarcity of information on the safety of amethyst, we recommend that you discuss this with your doctor before you use amethyst water or crystal elixir to treat any condition. If you do choose to consume amethyst water, it is recommended to use only high-quality, untreated crystals, and to limit your consumption to small amounts. Additionally, it is always a good idea to consult with a healthcare professional before trying any new health remedies or supplements.

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