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Rape is an unlawful sexual activity that involves having intimacy or sexual intercourse without the valid consent of a person or group of persons, while a rapist is any individual who forcibly engages in sexual activity with another person without his or her consent. According to the center for disease control, over 1.3 million women are raped each year in the United States and only 54 % of these cases are reported. Every 98 Seconds, a woman is sexually assaulted in America and a women’s chance of being raped in the United States is 1 in 5. In this article, we shall be profiling the gentleman rapist also known as power reassurance rapists.

Who is A Gentleman Rapist?

Gentlemen rapists commit around 70 percent of all rapes and nearly all acquaintance rape around the world, it is the most painful type of rape because most times you do not see it coming. The motivation behind this type of rape is insecurity, and a desire to possess women rather than harm them, they capture and control a victim through verbal threats and just enough physical force to succeed in the act. Gentleman rapists appear seemingly harmless, with fragile egos but may suddenly become violent. This type of rapist is often socially awkward with low self-confidence bearing the false notion that sexual assault will restore his confidence and will even serve as a confirmation of his manhood.

The Psychology Of A Gentleman Rapist

A gentleman rapist thinks women “play hard-to-get,” don’t really mean “No!” and crying is merely part of a woman’s act. Often, they don’t think of forced sex as rape and may actually believe you’re both simply having a good time “making love.” During the sexual attack, he acts unselfish and believes that his victim is enjoying what is happening. He may even act as if he is in a relationship with his victim, and so is slightly delusional. Afterward, he may again act kindly toward the victim as though the act of rape never took place. He often records the deed in some way or takes some personal belonging from his victim. After the rape, this type of rapist sometimes tries to contact the victim. The “gentleman rapist” attacks again in the period of 7-15 days, and he is the most common type of rapist.

How To Spot A Rapist

How to dissuade a Gentleman Rapist

One of the major reasons ‘’mad men” succeed in raping so many women each year is because women think they can casually talk to an insane man on “heat”. Making it absolutely clear that you do not want sex in a firm and clear voice will not only give you a significant advantage, it can make him quickly loose his “malevolent erection” and prevent the emotionally draining act of rape from ever taking place. If this fails, threaten him with police, prison, or jail time. if that doesn’t stop him, immediately launch an attack on his person with a clear and total intent to hurt him enough to give you room to escape.

Most time the act of pleading, crying, and trying to appeal to his better nature don’t work, this is because the gentleman rapist often believes that the victim is just pretending and actually wants sex to happen. Nevertheless, a gentleman rapist that is religiously inclined is quickly dissuaded from raping a woman when she begins to pray or quotes verses from the holy scriptures this has been proven to work many times especially in cases of attempted rape involving a religious acquaintance.

How to Defend Yourself Against A Rapist  

The days of allowing insane men to deposit their contaminated and diseased semen into your body are over, advances in technology has made it possible for women to take their destinies into their own hand. The National Sexual Violence Resource Center estimates that at least one in five women will be raped at some point in their lives. While this horrific statistic should have women worried and send alarms bells ringing, it points to a greater societal problem that must be addressed collectively by law enforcement and individually by women who bear the brunt of these actions. The Stanford rape case is a clear reminder to women everywhere that; conscious or unconscious, there are men out there whose little brains cannot think beyond what is between their legs. There are many new ways women could literally kick the living crap out of a potentially threatening male who suddenly “decides” to make his move this include;

 Gentleman Rapist 

  1. Pepper Spray- pepper spray contains capsaicin, the same chemical that makes chili peppers hot. When a woman sprays a would-be rapist with pepper spray, his eyes will close immediately and start “boiling”, This is followed by temporary blindness and eye pain which lasts from 30 to 45 minutes providing enough time for the woman to escape. Pepper spray remains one of the best forms of protection against rapists.


anti rape shorts and underwears

  1. Anti-rape Shorts and Underwear Women wear these shorts or underwear to protect themselves against sexual assault. ‘Safe Shorts’ are made out of slash and tear-resistant material and feature an alarm system that activates when someone tries to tamper with them. This innovation was spearheaded by a German woman Sandra Seilz after an encounter with three men while jogging on a running track in the middle of the day.

antirape condom South Africa

  1. Anti-rape condom:

The anti-rape device is basically a female condom with teeth lining the inside that works just like the protective spikes which allows the penis to go into the female vagina without much ado but not out without consequences. The teeth of the anti-rape condom are angled in a manner that allows penal penetration, but inflict shark-like bites when the rapist attempt to begin the thrusting process with his penis; causing so much pain that it will give the woman a chance to escape. The rape condom was invented in the rape capital of the world (South Africa) by Sonette Ehlers.


anti rape keyholder

  1. Wearable and Carry On Rape AlarmsThe anti-rape gadgets market is saturated with several types of rape and sexual assault preventing devices, from groundbreaking inventions like the undercover color nail polish that changes color upon contact with any drink placed with Xanax, Rohypnol, or GHB (the drugs most commonly used for date rape ) to conventional location-based alarms that can be attached to clothing, car keys, wallets, downloaded to phones or carried in hand. Guess what the women in the picture below were laughing about ? ………happy african women 





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