The Most Effective Exercises & Simulators for Health & Strength

Sport occupies a significant place in the life of every person, or at least those people who want to maintain a good mood and good health for as long as possible in their lives.

For a developed body, it’s not enough just to buy a subscription to the gym and pull all the simulators indiscriminately – you need to analyze the benefits of all types of training, set up proper nutrition, and then the subscription to the gym will begin to justify itself.

You also need to carefully separate cardio exercises and strength.

Cardio is the acceleration of blood in the heart in such a way that the body can always work in a moderate or medium load and be prepared if it is necessary to increase efforts and loads.


You must understand that cardio is not an easy walk, but a systemic load. If you have chosen race walking, then you will have to develop a speed of up to 7 km per hour in order to get an effective load. You will not be able to calmly walk around the park, or as football players do, on whom they do not spend very much FIFA coins.

If cardio, then functional, otherwise it’s just a slow pace and a regular walk, which only saturates the lungs with oxygen.

The Most Effective Exercises & Simulators for Health & Strength


The load on the heart is an important parameter that needs to be monitored and constantly developed, especially for people who are overweight.

You can pay attention to:

  • Walking
  • Nordic walking
  • Orbitrek
  • Bicycle or trainer
  • Run



If you went out to not just walk, but really go in for sports, but without a strong increase in efficiency, then it would be better to race walking.

Ideally, you’ll need a fitness tracker that tracks your pace and good synthetic-based clothing such as elastane that will keep you from sweating through it and thereby increase your risk of getting sick from overheating. A fitness tracker will help you keep the right pace. The fact is that fat burning and payload starts at a pace of 7 km per hour. This is quite an intense walk, and many people do not pick up such a pace in a natural environment.

A good and intense walk, ideally from 30 minutes to 1 hour, will help you pump your heart muscle significantly, especially if you exercise at least twice a week.


Nordic walking

Nordic walking is a way of active movement using special equipment, which is often used for mountainous terrain to protect the knees and increase stability by providing support when moving.

We are talking about trekking poles, which you can rest against the ground and push off when walking, thereby preventing your knees from being loaded.

This type of movement greatly simplifies movement, especially for older people who, in principle, do not want to put a load on their knees.



This is an imitation of skiing and, with the right load, an excellent simulator for legs, arms and stable heart function.

The main advantage of the simulator can be called a relatively low cost and the ability to install literally in any part of the house or apartment and regularly engage in your health. Running even for 40 minutes a couple of times a week will already bring you a stable load and an increase in your well-being.


Bicycle or trainer

Buy yourself a bicycle, or a similar exercise machine. Of course, a mountain bike or classic bike is the best option between cardio and gradual loading and balancing muscle training, but not all people have where it is comfortable and safe to ride, so it’s better to replace it with a simulator.

The principle of training and work is the same – at least two sessions a week for 45 minutes to feel the tone with a gradual increase in load. It should not be easy for you – not too easy, but not extremely difficult either. It is important to make efforts, and not to overcome yourself, then the training will benefit.



The most classic type of training, which simultaneously solves several problems at once – pumps the physical condition, gives energy, helps burn fat and strengthens all the supporting muscles of the body. It is desirable to run on the street, because moving on an uneven surface with a constant change in load, such as running on the street with a change of asphalt to the ground, or a lawn and a change in height.

To compare the effectiveness – running on the street for 20 minutes is equal to 45 sessions on the treadmill.

Of course, if, as in the case of a bicycle, you simply do not have a comfortable place to go jogging, or there is not enough time to exercise during safe hours to visit the street, then a treadmill will be a great alternative.

The main thing is to follow the pace. Running should be active, but not too exhausting. You should not be easy, but you should not suffocate.

If you can’t keep up the pace of 45 minutes, or if you are overweight or have other restrictions, then exercise moderately, but constantly add loads a little and gradually, imperceptibly for you, the amount of effort will develop into quality.

The Most Effective Exercises & Simulators for Health & Strength


You need to develop your chest, back and legs, as well as your arms and all associated muscles, including stabilizers.

A barbell will help men, and dumbbells with weight distribution for women. The fact is that in sports, not only efficiency is important, but also aesthetics.

If a woman actively trains with a barbell and overdoes it with efforts, then they will simply develop a figure close to that of a man, which will not have a very beautiful effect on the overall impression of herself in her own eyes and the opinions of others.

Raise the barbell, with weight adjustments to develop chest muscles and stabilizers. Dumbbells will help develop biceps and triceps – in fact, the muscles of the arms.

Butterfly simulators will strengthen the delta. Try to pull yourself up regularly to keep the entire muscle corset in good shape.

For those who have naturally weak arms, you can use a pillow and lightweight on the machine and do a reverse unclench – the reverse movement from pulling up at a very slow pace to activate the right muscles and show the body the priority of effort.

Pay attention to simple push-ups – women can do push-ups from their knees. The main task of the exercise is a slow and systematic study of all muscles and bringing them into tone for everyday comfort in all areas of life.

Don’t forget about the stabilizer muscles too – stand in a plank, one-arm push-ups to allow your body to gain better focus and stability. One of the best methods that does not require additional equipment is the one-legged stand with eyes closed.

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