Public Health Conference 2020/2021

A new age of conferences has arisen and become a very important tool in networking, learning about the field, and keeping up to date on the latest developments. Essentially,  Public health conferences are about throwing some of the most important people in a particular field and forcing them to teach and interact with each other. […]

Benefits of Attending A Public Health Conference

As a public health care practitioner, consider taking a short retreat to attend a public health conference. Aside from spending time interacting with fellow colleagues, medical and public health conferences provide even more exciting opportunities then you may have anticipated. These conferences are designed to immerse attendees in discussions designed to pique interest and curiosity. […]

Global Health days

  Global Public Health Days   Global public health days are days set aside by the World Health Organization (WHO) to raise awareness, draw attention and increase understanding of certain health issues. The days also offers a unique opportunity to mobilize local and international support for action.             The international health days as outlined by […]