The Night Before I Killed Addiction
Oche Otorkpa the  multiple award winning IDSR specialist and Author of the Unseen Terrorist, an HIV / AIDS exposé has released his new book titled : The Night Before I Killed Addiction.
The book documents how the life of a brilliant young student took an unexpected turn around. A story of drug and sex addiction , its impact, and the three powerful steps on how to kill addiction, and completely break free from its shackles.
At the sidelines ,the author who is  also the Executive Director of Public Health Nigeria lamented the increasing rate substance abuse and risky behavior among young Nigerians, which in his words is constantly diverting students from classrooms to drug rehabilitation centers for the lucky ones and ‘six feet under’ for the not so lucky.
 Oche has spent the last 10 years working with UN agencies and other development partners on issues that affect young people, particularly reproductive health, HIV AIDS and Drug Abuse . During the period, he has donated copies of his books to thousands of young Nigerians to encourage responsible behavior.
This book like his first  book ( The Unseen Terrorist) is free for all students and young people in Nigeria, but available to others on Amazon and pay hip platforms.


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