8 Easy and Simple Ways to Practice Self Care


8 Easy and Simple Ways to Practice Self CareThe year 2018 started with the theme focused on self love. This is the perfect time for you to think about yourself first before anything else. It is not selfish to think about taking care of yourself because your body, mind and heart are the most important investments that can help you work for a successful future. If you want to know how to love and care for other people, you need to know how to care for yourself first. To give you a head start, here is a list of easy and simple ways to practice self care:


Eat healthily and mindfully

Start with your physical health because this is the determinant of the other areas. Choose the food that you are eating. Make it a point to eat healthy meals regularly. In this world of instant processed food, you should be the one who chooses organic and natural. Being mindful with your diet should also be a priority. Always make sure that you are checking the nutritional content of the food you eat.


Try breathing exercises

There are different moments when breathing exercises can work. If you feel stressed and burned out because of the work you are doing the whole day, you can stop for a while and take a deep breath. Inhale deeply and exhale with your mouth. This will help you release the pressure and stress. You can also start with your day by taking deep breaths and meditating. It will help oxygen circulate normally in your system.


Create a relaxing routine

People have different ways to relax. You can take care of yourself and lessen stress by integrating your favorite relaxing activity to your routine. If having coffee can help you feel better after a stressful day, you should consider a regular schedule for coffee break with a friend. If you feel better after a foot massage, you can make it a regular thing in your monthly activities.


Express gratitude

You will check from the different information provided by PhenterPro that expressing gratitude is the key to a happier self. Being thankful is an indication that you are aware of the goodness of the people around you. Say thank you when someone helps you in any way. Even the smallest favour given to you is something that you need to be thankful for. Practice gratitude every day and you will see how it will change you.


Laugh at what you know

Laughter makes you feel better even when you are confronted by a bad situation. If you do not want to be eaten up by stress, you should learn how to lighten up. There are times when you need to be serious but there should always be a time to laugh and be happy.


Pick up a good read

Reading a book is an escape. It will lead you to a world that is different from what you know. This will allow you to broaden your imagination. If you feel bored and it seems like nothing excites you anymore, read a book. If you want to start your day right, a new edition of magazine or newspaper can be a great company for your coffee.


Create a cozy space

Everyone has a favorite spot at home. Usually, this is the area where you can just sit and relax after a tiring day. Make this spot a cozy space where you can go whenever you need to recharge. To make it relaxing and warm, you can choose the best things that can help you relax and add them to your cozy space.


Build a self-care kit

Instead of waiting for someone to make you feel better, why don’t you build your own self-care kit? This is like an emergency kit where you will find all the wonderful things that can make you feel better and more confident. Make this kit available whenever you need it. What are the things found in your kit? Everything that can pamper or make you feel good.


Take care of your body, emotion and mind. Love yourself the way you love other people. After all, you will not be able to show love for others if you are not secured with yourself.



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