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A Clinical Microbiologist, Dr Tony Mbume, has  advised women to stop wearing tight jeans, synthetic panties and leggings, to prevent vaginal infections.

According to him, most Nigerian females wear these synthetic pants, leggings and tight jeans in the name of fashion, without considering the health implications. Mbume, who works with CIAGIN Medical Laboratory, Oke-Afa, Isolo, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos that synthetic wears caused the vagina to ‘overheat’, which could disrupt its ecosystem.

He said that under wears made of latex, nylon or polyester and synthetic materials could trap moisture and warmth, making the vagina vulnerable to different types of infection “Synthetic panties can cause the vagina area to overheat and this can sometimes cause burning sores, itching or irritate the sensitive skin, as well as causing blisters.

“The friction caused by walking in tight pants and jeans can irritate the skin, resulting in the formation of blisters,’’ he said.

Mbume said that the vaginal burning and itching was usually accompanied by discharge and bad odour.

He further said that such infections could be dangerous if left untreated, as it might lead to infertility due to damage of the reproductive organs.

The microbiologist, however, recommended cotton underwear, to ventilate the vagina and eliminate infections, adding that wearing cotton underwear helped to keep the vagina free of excessive moisture and allows the area to breathe.

“Use cotton menstrual pads too. Cotton absorbs excess moisture and removes buildup heat from the area. It is the only materials that can become stronger when wet and is easily sterilized after use.

“Avoid sleeping with pants at night, to keep the vagina area dry throughout the night,’’ he said.  Read : Top 5 Myths About Vagina Tightening


7 Good Habits Which Positively Affect Your Vaginal Health


  1. Always choose natural fabrics especially cotton based under wears


  1. Always change your underwear every day, even more than once if you want!


  1. During workout well-fitting, moisture-wicking underwear is best


  1. Go commando at night to air out the moisture


5.     How you wash your under wear matters, its best to wash your underwear in hypoallergenic

soap avoid harsh soaps and detergents


  1. Using under wears for years might be counterproductive consider replacing your underwear every year to give the area a new lease of life


  1. Wearing pants that are too tight or the wrong kind of underwear negatively affects vaginal health avoid them. Read : If You See These 5 Signs He Might Be A Rapist 



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