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Moroccan black soap or beldi soap is a dark greenish-black soap which is part of the traditional hammam ritual. It is a high-alkaline Castile soap with a gel-like consistency made from olive oil and macerated olives soaked in salt and potash. It is used for cleansing, moisturizing the skin and exfoliating for centuries and has become one of the most sought after beauty products because of its array of amazing benefits for every type of skin.

5 Moroccan Black Bath Soap Benefits

5 Moroccan Black Bath Soap Benefits


Prevents Signs of Ageing

One of the major benefits of Moroccan black soap is its rich Vitamin E content and olive oil base. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that may be effective at reducing UV damage in skin. When skin is exposed to UV light, smoke and air pollution, it produces free radicals and other rogue molecules that damage collagen (your skin’s support structure), DNA and skin cells, all of which ultimately contributes to wrinkles and brown spots. Vitamin E rich Moroccan Black soap fights those effects by neutralizing the free radicals. In addition, the presence of polyphenolic compounds, in the olive oil base of this soap helps reduce the oxidative stress in the body that is caused due to ageing and wrinkles.


Promotes Healthy Exfoliation 

Exfoliation is the removal of dry/dead skin cells on the surface of the skin and is one of the most important aspects of your home skincare routine for face and body. Exfoliation not only helps many skin problems, it also increases blood circulation, which in turn helps you to achieve healthy and glowing skin. Moroccan black soap prepares the skin for exfoliation. Combined with the action of a coarse fabric washcloth called Kessa they remove impurities and dead skin.


It is a Good Moisturizer

Moroccan hammam soap have been used for centuries because of its excellent moisturizing abilities. Using the right kind of moisturizer for your skin can help maintain its balance. When skin is too dry or too oily, many common skin problems like acne start to pop up. Moroccan black soap boosts hydration in your skin, prevents flaking and dullness, it also creates a protective layer of moisture because vitamin E lives in and protects cell membranes, which form a barrier around cells to keep them healthy and hydrated. Read: Tamanu Oil Extract Benefits


It Prevents Scars, stretch marks and Skin Irritation.

Olive oil base of this soap is full of vitamin E and A, which makes it a super moisturizer that helps reduce dryness and dehydrated skin. Free radicals make it harder for scars to heal, using this ancient beauty formula will diminish more permanent marks, get rid of skin irritation and maintain the skins oil balance. This soap also has anti-bacterial properties that remove brown spot and red areas.


Fights Skin Infection

One of the amazing benefits of Moroccan black Soap its  ability to help you fight off skin infections. Apart from helping to reduce dryness and wrinkles, Moroccan black Soap helps fight off eczema and psoriasis. This soap is also ideal for daily hygiene because it contains natural glycerin and functional active ingredients of natural 100% Sodium Olivate (natural surfactant for gentle skin cleansing).

You can also use the Moroccan black soap with other essential oil that will give it relaxing properties. It can be used with Honey, Argan Oil, Vanilla, Verbena, Jasmin and many more.

Side effects of African black soap

Although this soap has many benefits, it also comes with some major side effects of some major side effects of Moroccan black soap are:


Damage to gastrointestinal system

Some people have reported to experience gastrointestinal side effects by the use of Moroccan Black soap. Experts believe that this is due to the cocoa present in African black soap. People have complained of experiencing constipation and stomach upset. Breastfeeding women should avoid using this soap because it may cause harm to the baby and cause colic. A colic baby is quite healthy but he keeps on crying for no apparent reason. Experts believe that colic is associated with gastrointestinal problems.



You might face the issue of stimulation or excessive energy by the use of African black soap. This is again due to the presence of cocoa in African black soap. The reason is that caffeine is present in cocoa which makes a person alert. The caffeine is present in a small quantity but people who are sensitive to caffeine should be wary about using Moroccan black soap. Some major effects include problem in concentration levels, irritability and nervousness. Too much caffeine can also cause extra heartbeats and hand tremors.


Allergic reaction

The chances of getting an allergic reaction by using African black soap is a bit unlikely but this can’t be ruled out. The cocoa and plantain present in African black soap make people a bit allergic to them. For example, People allergic to melon should avoid using Moroccan or African black soap. Some signs of the allergy caused by Moroccan black soap are itchiness, rash, difficulty in breathing, and tightness in throat or chest.


How to Use Moroccan Black Soap

Step 1 : Spend About 15 min in your hot bath, hot shower, steam room or hammam

Step 2: Apply the soap on a wet body and leave is for 10 minutes then rinse with hot water.

Step 3: By This time, your skin is now softer and easier to exfoliate, so you are ready to scrub your body with the Kessa glove.

How to use an exfoliating glove?

There are 3 types of Kessa exfoliating gloves they are: Kessa Hard, Kessa Medium and Kessa Soft. Depending on your skin sensitivity you can make your choice from any of the 3, the procedure of utilization is the same for all three Moroccan kessa gloves:

After rinsing the Moroccan black soap from your entire body you will be left with and exceptionally soft skin.

Step 1: Use the kessa glove and start scrubbing your body from top to bottom and in a circular motion which helps remove all the dead skin, toxin and impurities.

Step 2: Rinse your body with warm water to wash all the dead skin and impurities.



Do not apply soap on damaged skin and avoid area around eyes and face, it’s recommended to use argan oil as a body moisturizer to restore the skin’s water lipid layer.

Do not store your kessa wet, it may encourage bacteria growth and fungus which increase the chances of developing an infection. READ: Can I Use K Brothers Papaya Soap On My Body?


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