Food For Babies To Gain Weight

Parents often worry about the weight loss of their child, which is justified, because the weight loss of the child is often a sign of a serious illness. For the physical and mental development of children, the healthy weight of children is extremely important. One of the biggest problems of parents of weak children is what they feed their children so that they can help the baby gain weight faster.

While most babies gain weight without issue, your pediatrician may suggest adding even more nutritious, fat-filled foods to your little one’s diet. These easily digestible foods are those  that will sure make your babies grow fat in Nigeria. While parents struggle to lose weight, they try their best to make their babies/kids gain weight. For babies and toddlers, weight gain is a good thing but watch Obesity. When babies gain weight, we know that growth is taking place.

Some parents will give anything to see that their babies gain weight. Our Nigerian food is high caloric food. If you feed your babies with Nigerian food in good quantity, they’ll gain weight. With babies, sometimes, it’s not about the food prepared but how well one gives their time to ensure that the baby eats very well.

Feeding babies with cooked or finger foods takes a lot of time. When housemaids are asked to feed these babies, only few really devote their time to doing it well because feeding these kids is work. They don’t even know that they need this food and all they want is to play even with the food in their mouth.

Aside making high caloric delicious food, if you don’t spend enough time feeding them this good food, there may be no weight gain as the quantity consumed matters. With these our list of foods for babies to gain weight, you also need to take the time to feed them well.

My babies have always been big and carrying them use to cause chest pain so, when I see mothers wishing that their babies are big, I just smile. Below is a list of Nigerian foods that you can make at home and help your baby gain weight.,

Food For Babies To Gain Weight

Beans porridge. Beans meals help babies gain weight. If you cook it well, they’ll love it. Just add a pinch or no pepper at all. Cook beans really really soft and mash to feed the baby. To make beans porridge to help your babies gain weight. Boil beans till very soft. Stir fry onion and ground crayfish in oil till fragrant. Then add the cooked beans and stir. Add seasoning cube and mash beans very well. The taste of fried crayfish in that beans will keep the baby wanting more.

Boiled beans to help babies gain weight should be boiled really soft before sprinkling a little salt. Mash and mix with a little tomato stew. Babies love this combination of beans with stew.

Sweet Potato meal. Boil sweet potato till soft. Mash with scrambled eggs and feed the baby well.

Mashed Irish potatoes are a good source of weight for babies. If you know how to make mashed potato salad, then you can do this. Boil the potatoes till soft, mash with boiled egg yolk. Add just a little milk and feed the baby.

Corn pap. Corn pap can be made from maize, guinea corn, millet Etc. When you make this pap to help babies gain weight. Try to add some taste. Don’t feed babies bland pap and don’t force feed. If the pap tastes good, your baby will eat without a fuss. The reason babies sometimes reject corn pap meals is the bland taste. SEE: How to Make a Nutritious Tom brown

Boiled ripe plantain. I already posted on how to make boiled ripe plantains for babies. To help the babies gain weight. Feed them well. When a kid is well fed, the stomach size testifies but do not overfeed please.

Rice meals: Very soft rice is what the babies need. Cook until it can be swallowed without necessarily chewing. Babies can eat any form of rice whether fried rice, jollof rice, boiled rice or even coconut rice. One thing though is watch the pepper and ensure the rice is cooked softer then what is served other members of the family. For fried rice, let the vegetables cook soft. For jollof,  make sure you don’t use peppery stew.

Boiled rice with milk. This is also very good when you want to help babies gain weight. Boil the rice really soft with just a pinch of salt. When rice is cooked, scoop into a plate, pour in some liquid milk and mash well. Babies and toddlers love this boiled rice and milk meal.

  • Boiled yam mashed with palm oil.
  • Unripe plantain boiled and mashed with beans porridge.
  • Boil some unripe plantain mash with titus fish stew.
  • Blended oatmeal porridge.
  • Parboiled and strained noodles. Parboil briefly and dispose of the water, add another boiling water and cook the noodles.
  • parboiled Noodles with blended oats.

Bread and Nigerian tea is awesome when it comes to helping babies gain weight. Just cut the tiny piece of bread, dip in the beverage (tea) and feed the baby. They love it.

Nigerian foods are great to help babies gain weight. Your baby may not like all the foods you give. Try and find their most favorite three to five foods and just continue giving those ones.

Ensure that your baby is about five to six months before you start giving all these solid foods because their digestive system is still developing please.

Don’t just make the food available at home. Make sure that the baby is eating well.

If you know other good food for babies to gain weight, please share in the comments below.

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