Baby Things To Buy Before Birth In Nigeria

According to data from UNICEF, each year at least 7 million babies are born Nigeria. Within Africa, Nigerian babies will account for almost 40 percent of all those born in West and Central Africa, and more than 23 percent of those born in sub-Saharan Africa.

Globally, over half of the world’s births are estimated to take place in just eight countries, including Nigeria. There are many things you need to have to buy before the birth of your baby in Nigeria, there are also other things you need bring a baby home from the hospital or birthing center.

If you’re a first-time mom-to-be, you’re probably overwhelmed with the amount of things people are telling you that you “need” for the baby. The trick is to try and focus on baby essentials so you spend your money on things you definitely need. Then once the baby arrives, you’ll have time to go to the store to shop for the baby if there’s anything you realize you really want.

In preparation for the big arrival, start packing, and get the necessary supplies a month before your due date, and get all the essential delivery items ready as provided in the list being given to you in your maternity (if you are given a list), most Nigerian hospitals give a list of what to be brought to the hospital for delivery. However, to make sure you have everything ready and prepared before the precious day arrives, here are some suggestions on what to pack in your hospital bag for your comfort. The following items are necessary things to buy before the birth of your baby in Nigeria;

Items For The Mother Items For Your baby

Other essential items to bring for delivery, that may also be included in the Hospital list

Hospital card/file

2 front-opening nightdresses for breastfeeding

A few pairs of underwear or Disposable Panties

Heavy-duty sanitary pads

A shawl or dressing gown

A tin of glucose

Bathroom slippers or flip flops

Breast pads: for breast milk leakage.

Nursing bras

Beverages and snacks

Vacuum Flask

Cup & spoon

A pair of warm socks

lanolin cream for tender nipples

A feeding cover

Your phone charger and power bank (if available)

Toiletries: toothpaste, toothbrush, cosmetics and body towel e.t.c

Lip balm

Comfortable outfit to wear home

Body lotion or massage oil


Shawl: to wrap your baby.

Baby Towel

Baby oil and Lotion

newborn baby clothes: onesies and sleepsuits

Baby Socks

Mittens and hat

Going-home outfit

A pack of diapers: the newborn size, 5-15 pieces

Baby Wipes

Baby toiletries

A Digital/ Phone camera: if you wish to capture the moments.

Mucus extractor

One Baby bathing soap

Mild Baby shampoo

Baby combs and hairbrush

Soft Baby sponge

Methylated spirit


Cotton wool

2 pairs of surgical gloves

Elbow-length gloves

A Pack of Razor Blade

Izal Germicide

Delivery mat / Underlay pads

Chlorxy-G gel antiseptic gel for newborn umbilical cord care(ask your pediatrician before use)


Other items include;

Clothes. Your new baby will need lots of clothes — probably a lot more than you think — because she’ll be going through them at an alarming rate. Spit up? Change of clothes. Diaper blowout? Another change. Try to aim for five one-piece bodysuits, five sleepers or sleep sacks, three pairs of socks, a couple of hats, and outerwear for the colder seasons.


Food. If you’re planning on formula feeding, make sure to grab a good supply in advance.


Blankets. Stock up on these inexpensive staples. Most babies love to sleep swaddled up in a comfy blanket — but you don’t need special swaddling blankets. Any cozy baby or receiving blanket will do the job.


Crib or bassinet. Your baby will need a place to sleep — whether it’s a crib, bassinet, swing, or co-sleeper. Just be sure that whatever option you chose meets safety regulations and, if it’s used, hasn’t been recalled.


Stroller or baby carrier. Both are great for outings, mums  particularly love baby carrier. Not only is it a hands-free way to tote your baby, it keeps him or her snuggled up close to you which means they are calm and content.


Diapers. Whether you chose cloth or disposable, diapers are about to become a big part in your daily routine. Now’s the time to stock up! SEE: Best Online Baby Stores in Nigeria


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