Why Is Consistency Important in Martial Arts

Martial arts are traditions of fighting practiced among different cultures for reasons like self-defense, military application, and meditation. Martial arts styles stretch across different cultures. For example, Karate, Jiujitsu, Judo, Kung Fu, and Muay Thai are from Asia, while Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Capoeira originate from South America. Moreover, some styles have roots in Africa and Europe.

Despite the variety featured in martial arts, all styles have one common requirement to learn; you must be consistent.

Consistency is the foundation for growth in martial arts. It’s the only way to graduate from amateur levels to advanced martial arts. Consistency covers everything from practice and learning to research. Here is a closer look at why consistency is a necessary requirement for anyone practicing martial arts.


Learning the technique

Martial arts is based on cultural practices that follow specific movements. Each style has basic techniques that guide the entire practice. For example, “Aikido” focuses on redirecting the opponent’s force through holds and throws, while “taekwondo” emphasizes fast kicks and punching techniques.

Learning the basic techniques takes time and practice. Often, amateurs start out with shadow fighting, where they focus on mastering the movements and perfecting their technique. Then, through consistency, students graduate to facing opponents and practicing the basic techniques in real fighting scenarios. Most martial arts styles emphasize mastering the movements and basic principles before graduating into fighting.


Build muscle memory

The reason for practicing movements is to refine the mind-muscle connection and reduce hesitancy. A good mind-muscle connection ensures your reaction is not only fast but also precise.

Moreover, muscle memory allows fighters to deliver fast strikes without thinking much of it. This means the Hollywood depiction of martial artists catching arrows mid-air is not too far from the truth.


Build discipline

Anyone who commits to practicing any martial arts style is often required to follow a specified regimen. This includes frequent training sessions, possible meal plans, and studies. Consistency in following the plan builds disciple in various regards.

Firstly, training starts with showing up on time. Many students will attest to the harsh punishments that face late comers in martial arts schools. Therefore, consistent punctuality is essential in martial arts and eventually breeds time discipline.

Secondly, following through with training and diet regimens ensures students build perseverance and self-discipline. These qualities often spill over to a student’s personal and professional life.

Finally, most martial arts schools have a hierarchy of age and experience. Seniors demand respect from the juniors, and teachers have the final say. This system is designed to instill discipline as any form of disobedience is met with swift punishment.


Build confidence

Consistency in training knocks out all self-doubt and builds confidence. After hours of going through the same movement, you are almost guaranteed your execution will be perfect. That knowledge is enough to build confidence and take you to newer heights in your training. The more certain you are of your movement, the more confident you get. Therefore, confidence will come if you are consistent in your training. The value of consistency in martial arts training cannot be underestimated. It’s the backbone of the entire practice.

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