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As more mothers return to work after child birth, one of the important decisions they are making at the end of maternity leave is which day care facility to patronize. One of the most important consideration for most parents is distance. Unfortunately health parameters are seldom overlooked. Available data from a recent study published in the journal of pediatrics indicates that children in preschool or day care centers face greater risk (two to three time more) of acquiring infections which affects not just the individual but also the community.

We have carefully outlined 5 important health parameters to consider so as to safeguard the health of your Child.

Toilet and Bathroom Facilities-Many schools and day care centers lack functional convenience facilities, this leaves excreta management, disposal of used diapers, and feeding completely at the hands of overstretch nannies thus exposing your child to direct contact with disease causing microorganisms.

Source of Water – With children you can never be 100% sure. When kids meet they mingle and when they do monitoring what they eat, drink, or put into their mouths can be difficult. It is therefore imperative to know the source of water supply to the day care center.Globally, an about 300, 000 children under 5 die each year as a result of diseases attributed to Sewer Backup and  poor water and sanitation .

Watch out for Sleep Inducing Medications –Some malevolent day care centers have perfected the act of administering medications especially cough syrups to put restless and overactive kids to sleep. Toxicologist at the University of Colorado examined cases of pharmaceutical abuse documented in the national poison data system and reported that, 14 percent of the reviewed cases resulted in moderate to major consequences including death of the child. Watching out for these will prevent your child from falling into wrong hands

Appearance and Hygiene Level of Staff – Skin diseases can easily be transmitted from dirty nannies to the babies they carry and day care centers without standardized routine for handling food and child care could expose your child to avoidable infection. It is important that your child is spared the trouble.

Sanitary condition of the Compound- An unkempt compound is a major source of germs and disease. Refuse disposal and overall neatness of the environment is important, it is also important to inspect or get information about the changing area, and modes of decontamination and disinfection



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